Poll: Read It or Hear It?   

It’s been a couple weeks since our last poll so how about a new one, eh? Although, first, I have to thank everyone who voted in our last poll. Apparently ya’ll think John Krasinski looks best with his facial hair since he won with a whopping 69% of the votes. Who knew?!

Ok, so this new one isn’t quite as fun but it is something I’m curious about. Lately I’ve been pondering the options we have to interact with the writers behind our favorite shows and wondering what people prefer.

For instance, after every Grey’s Anatomy episode, fans get a blog entry from the writer and Heroes fans lots of tidbits from Greg Beeman. (Not to mention that most of the USA shows have production blogs.) Writing is their medium so the blogs are usually entertaining if not always particularly informational (although, in the case of the GA writers, they usually are the latter as well).

On the other hand, is it more fun to listen to a podcast instead? Like the Battlestar Galactica podcasts with Ron Moore can certainly be enlightening. Then there’s the Lost podcasts that I always forget about but enjoy when I listen. Hmmm, there must be more, right? Is there a podcast (official and directly connected with a show, that is) that you listen to? I did always enjoy the Veronica Mars podcasts we got during season 3 but I knew others who only ever had complaints about them.

And that’s what leads to my question… if the writers of your favorite show wanted to put themselves out there to share stories and details about the episodes they write, which would you prefer? A blog or a podcast? Some combo of both? Or do you have a suggestion for something else they could do? Let me know in the poll below!

5 Responses to “Poll: Read It or Hear It?”

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    Anita says:

    Even though I loved the VM podcasts, I voted ‘blog’, because I can read Beeman’s blog and check out the candid pics any time, but I can’t always listen to a podcast any time I want, as you know…I have to work and that makes it a little obvious that I’m ‘multi-tasking’ :)

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    Spadada says:

    You know what I’m going to say… As much as I love Rob Thomas, I always wished he blogged in lieu of speaking to the press. His intros to the essays in “Neptune Noir” were gorgeous and heartfelt and funny and I never had trouble seeing where he was coming from. They made me want more writer/reader interaction with him. It’s where he shines and in my opinion the best medium for him to reach out to fans.

    Like you, I had the chance to read the CUPID and GOOD BEHAVIOR scripts and I noticed the weirdest thing: I love the way Rob writes stage directions. I want more prose from the man so if either of those shows goes to series, I am campaigning for slaverats.blogspot.com. Even if he only updated it when he couldn’t sleep… Something informal and irregular would go a long way.

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    Rae says:

    Anita & Spads: I have to agree. I really do prefer the blogs. I certainly don’t mind a podcast here and there but I think if it’s something I’d get on a regular basis, reading a blog is more my thing. Not only because there’s a little bit more freedom about when to read but also because I think having to sit down and write something forces people to focus on the topic at hand.

    Kell… how can we make that blog happen?!

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    Just Jody says:

    I love Beeman’s blog, and ComicMix has a weekly BSG blog with one of the producers which is really good as well. I find I always end up tuning out podcasts after a few minutes no matter how interested I am, so I prefer to read.

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