Let’s Talk TV: Monday Night Season Finales   

Before I get into the season finales, I have just a few things to note:

  • Thing #1: A podcast! Finally!! Ok, ok, so it’s not a podcast for RTVW (something I’ve wanted to do for awhile but have yet to find someone to do it with) but Ducky and GMMR were sweet enough to have me special guest on their newest TV Talk podcast for a little Supernatural chit-chat. I’ll probably annoy most of you fangirls out there with my opinions (because I’m almost always standing on the opposite of the fence from you gals after an episode) but it was lots of fun to do and I hope you’ll give it a listen! If nothing else, Ducky and GMMR podcasts are always great fun.
  • Thing #2: I’ve seen some skepticism about the new FOX show, Fringe, but, before you dismiss it, I ask you to go read Jace’s review of the pilot. Now that Dollhouse has been slated for mid-season, Fringe is my most anxiously awaited new arrival of the Fall and Jace’s review captures why.
  • Thing #3: I have three Q&As from the stars of USA’s new show, In Plain Sight, to post today but I’m doing another one this Thursday with Mary McCormack and Fred Weller. If you have anything you’d like me to ask, let me know in the comments below!
  • THE MIDDLEMAN premieres on ABC Family, Monday, June 16th at 8/9c.Thing #4: I’m also participating in a Q&A with Javier Grillo–Marxuach about his new show The Middleman, set to premiere on ABC Family, Monday, June 16th at 8/9c. I’m kind of excited about it because I’ve been a fan of Javier’s for awhile and have followed the progression of The Middleman on his blog. It’s kind of exciting to see it all come together. You can check out the newly released trailer or catch up on The Middleman blog (which has pictures from the show, set, etc.). Javier’s worked on a bunch of a great TV shows like Medium, Lost, Jake 2.0, The Pretender, Charmed, and SeaQuest DSV. If you’ve got any questions you’d like me to get answered, leave them in the comments below and I’ll do my best!
  • Thing #5: Sorry, you know how I am with the need to end on an odd number. IGN recently did an interview with Bruce Campbell that’s worth a read. I’ll hopefully have something awesome to announce about Burn Notice soon so it’s kind of fun to hear Bruce talk about it. Plus, the interview is totally worth it for what he calls Hulu. I think we should all adopt his name for it.

Ok, enough with the announcements. Let’s get on to the TV talk, eh?

I had just read an interview with Hart Hanson yesterday so I knew that Gormogon’s apprentice was going to be one of the main cast. And, the interview actually had me believing it was going to be someone would have a little more impact on the group. I was freaking out the whole time that it really was going to be Hodgins or Camille. (Sweets would have been too easy.) In a way, I’m disappointed it was Zack because I feel like they had already tried to distance him from the show with the whole “gone to Iraq and back already” storyline. I do suspect that aspect of his story probably would have played into the storyline a little more had we gotten a full season but I have no trouble buying that Zack would work for Gormogon. We’ve already seen his devotion to Brennan and her teachings so I think they had nicely established he was the type who needed that authority figure in his life and was capable of compartmentalizing enough to go as far as he did. I did love that last moment with Booth and Bones, though. So sweet. (And yes, of course, the bath thing was hilarious.)

The Big Bang Theory
Aww, I like that they aren’t dragging out the Leonard/Penny thing! It was a very sweet ending. I wonder if they’ll actually start next season with those two dating. It could be fun for her to be his girlfriend for awhile and opens the door for some unexplored storylines between Penny and the guys. That said, Sheldon in Penny’s apartment was hands-down my favorite part of the episode. I laughed out loud several times at his being unable to pick a spot to sit and his annoyance at her for trying to jump ahead of him in the conversation. Who knew this would be one of my favorite sitcoms at the end of the year?! Alright, I’ll say it, I was wrong.

How I Met Your Mother
You guys, I loved the Barney/Robin moment at the end!! NPH SOLID IT! I’m sure they won’t move that quickly next season but I loved that, after completely dropping it for a few episodes, he realizes he loves her and that he had to almost die in order to see it. Very appropriate for Barney Stinson, Man Whore. What I kind of love is that it’s not Robin who’s googly-eyed about him. I predict that he tries to pursue her, but seriously this time, and she doesn’t believe him. You know his past is going to be haunting him next season! As for Ted and Stella… well I have to admit I enjoyed them this episode. I still don’t buy she’s the mother. I’d find it unbelievable that the kids from the future wouldn’t have broken into the narrative by now to point out that Stella must be their mother. Plus, wouldn’t it be kind of annoying that we finally meet the mother but we didn’t actually get to see their relationship develop? So, unless she says no and the story becomes about how Ted has to get her back, I find myself hoping she’s not the mother. But weren’t we promised we’d have met the mother by the end of this season? Hrmm.

One Tree Hill
Ok, I guess I should touch on this one despite having become disenchanted with it over the course of this season. Luckily The CW put it back on Mondays where I already have way too many shows so I won’t have a problem not watching this fall. For the sake of all that is holy, I hope to God that Dan is finally dead. I felt bad as a human at how freaking happy it made me to see him mowed down by that car. Lest you judge me, let me remind you that the man was freaking seconds away from smothering a man just to get his heart!!! As for Lucas, well I must say that unlike everyone else in this fandom I don’t hate Lucas just because he’s played by CMM. He remains one of my favorites but I’m over the Lucas/Peyton/[Insert Any Girl's Name Here] triangles we constantly have to sit through. With the amount of time the show has had Peyton invenst in pining over Luke, you know those two are THE couple of the show. Lindsay may have won me over much like Brooke did back in the day but I know how this story goes and I’m not interested in watching it again. I know other stuff happened but I’m better off not thinking about Brooke and her stupid quest to adopt a child AT THE FUCKING AGE OF 22. Oops, see? Haley, Nathan, and Jamie were definitely the best thing about this finale. How cute were they in the pool together? Too bad I know, despite all of Haley’s “love is everything” speechifying in this episode, there will be some stupid pointless drama to tear them apart next year no doubt to do with both Haley and Nathan getting back to their true passions at the same time. I’m kind of happy to be saying goodbye to this show for the last time if only because I won’t be afraid about being spoiled for who went to Vegas with Lucas.

I don’t watch this show but I had to mention that I saw the last five minutes of it and bawled my eyes out. Surely it’s a testament to both the writing and the acting on a show when someone who has no attachment to the characters (in fact, doesn’t really know any of the characters other than House) would be able to feel the emotions in those few scenes? Also annoying because I still had other shows to watch and I was all stuffy and blurry eyed.

Did you watch any of the various season finales last night? What was your take?

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    afrocurl says:

    After the Paley panel in April, I was sure that Zack wasn’t involved (mostly because Eric was asked a question if he was Gormogon and he said no), but I can see how it works in the end. He was the type to need a strong authority figure, and if the situation was presented as rational, it makes sense.

    Doesn’t make it anymore creepy of unnerving, however.