Friday Fun: Quote Crazy   

Join us for some Friday Fun!It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for some Friday Fun! This week we’re going to test your memory and put your TV obsession to the test with some Classic TV Quotes! You know you’ve heard them before… you may not even have watched the show they originated on, but chances are you’ve heard the quotes used somewhere.

Your Friday Fun task, should you choose to accept it, is to check out our list of Classic TV Quotes below and see if you can guess which show the quote is from. For bonus points, tell us which character made them famous. After you test your TV knowledge with our quotes, test us by sharing some of your favourite Classic TV Quotes.

  1. Donna Martin Graduates!
  2. We were on a break.
  3. Norm!
  4. Ehhh.
  5. Yadda, yadda, yadda.
  6. So say we all.
  7. Yes sir, Captain Tightpants.
  8. Eat my shorts!
  9. Abso-fuckin-lutely!
  10. They killed Kenny!
  11. Beam me up Scotty.
  12. By the power of Grayskull…
  13. You’re fired!
  14. The truth is out there…
  15. Kiss my grits!
  16. Meathead!
  17. What you talkin’ ’bout Willis?
  18. Up your nose with a rubber hose!
  19. The Plane! The Plane!
  20. We want to pump you up!

What’s your favorite Classic TV Quote?

12 Responses to “Friday Fun: Quote Crazy”

  1. 1
    Polter-Cow says:

    1. Beverly Hills, 90210
    2. Friends (Ross)
    3. Cheers
    4. Happy Days (Fonzie)
    5. Seinfeld (Seinfeld and…others)
    6. Battlestar Galactica (Adama and…others)
    7. Firefly (Kaylee)
    8. The Simpsons (Bart)
    9. Er, some show on a premium channel.
    10. South Park (Stan or Kyle or Cartman)
    11. Star Trek, although no one actually said that ever; you should know that, Rae! It’s a classic misquote! (Hypothetical Kirk)
    12. Masters of the Universe (He-Man)
    13. The Apprentice (Trump)
    14. The X-Files (Mulder)
    15. Uh.
    16. Buh?
    17. …Different Strokes? I can’t remember the name of the show.
    18. Sure.
    19. Fantasy Island (Tattoo)
    20. Saturday Night Live (those guys)

  2. 2
    Eolivet says:

    So many people said 1., but I feel like a leader-type person said it first. Brandon, maybe?
    Was Sam the one who always said 3.?

    9. “Sex and the City” (Carrie Bradshaw)
    20. was said by Hans and Franz.

    Hee, the only classic quotes I can think of are from reality series:

    “The tribe has spoken.”
    “You worked it out, dawg!”
    “Who will be eliminated…next?”
    “Make it work.”

  3. 3
    Rae says:

    Haha, inspired by Eolivet, “Expect the unexpected!”

  4. 4
    Polter-Cow says:

    Oh, dammit, 9!! Of course. And I knew the 20 guys had rhyming names.

  5. 5
    WCL says:

    1. 90210. It was on a sign, not sure who actually said it.
    2. Friends-Ross
    3. Cheers – everyone in the bar
    4. I don’t know. Ehh?? Like, the bored Eh? Or Aaaay like Fonzie?
    5. Seinfeld. I know Elaine said it when she was yadda-ing over sex. But maybe George started it?
    6. BSG. Aww.. the whole crew! Usually led by Adama.
    7. No idea.
    8. Simpsons- Bart
    9. Sex in the City – Big
    10. South Park. But I thought it was “They killed Kenny” not “who killed Kenny”
    11. Star Trek
    12. Uhh… Transformers? Or He-Man. One of them.
    13. Trump. Ick.
    14. The X-Files.
    15. No idea!!
    16. Umm…
    17. Diff’rent Strokes.
    18. Full House is my best guess here!
    19. Lost? No, I have no idea.
    20. SNL – Hanz and Franz. LOVED this skit, it made me giggle like crazy.

  6. 6
    afrocurl says:

    1. Beverly Hills 90210
    2. Friends
    3. Cheers
    5. Seinfeld
    6. Battlestar Galactica
    8. The Simpsons – Bart
    9. The Sopranos
    10. South Park
    11. Star Trek
    12. He-Man
    13. The Apprentice – Donald Trump
    14. X Files – Mulder
    17. Diff’rent Strokes

  7. 7
    Eolivet says:

    Hee, I know that one, Rae — “Big Brother!” (Julie Chen). Or in the words of Chicken George in All-Stars: “You are expected to expect the unexpected.”

    (OT, but are you still watching? Is there any chance Adam could lose this thing? :)

  8. 8
    Just Jody says:

    P-C: Don’t blame Rae… I’m the non-Trekkie who put that quote up there. Bonus points for you for teaching me something!

    Eolivet – I think the 90210 chant was started by the girl from the Junior class who was helping them with the campaign… but Brandon is also a likely possibility.

    WLC – You are so right! It is indeed THEY killed Kenny. Pardon my typo, and thanks for the catch. And you also got the charcter on #9 right too.

    afrocurl – you’re on the right network with #9, just not quite the right show.

    Great job guys! I figured people might be stumped by #18, but I thought 15 & 16 were going to be easy. Very interesting.

  9. 9
    Rebecca says:

    to fill in things not yet guessed by others:

    15: Alice
    16: All in the Family

    I knew too many early years spent watching old reruns would serve me well one day.

  10. 10
    afrocurl says:

    Thanks Jody. It had to be one of them, you know.

    18 sounds like something from Nickelodeon from back in the day like, Salute Your Shorts?

  11. 11
    Spadada says:

    1. Beverly Hills 90210 (or as my friend Chris calls it “Bev 9er”) – CAST
    2. FRIENDS – Ross
    3. Cheers – CAST
    4. Seinfeld – Jerry
    5. Isn’t this Seinfeld too?
    7. Firefly – Wash?
    8. The Simpsons – Bart
    10. South Park – CAST
    11. Star Trek – CAST
    12. He-Man – He-Man
    13. The Apprentice – The Donald
    14. X-files – A poster
    16. All in the Family – Archie
    17. Diff’rent Strokes – Arnold
    18. Welcome Back Kotter – Vinnie Barbarino
    19. Fantasy Island – Tattoo
    20. Saturday Night Live – Hans & Frans

  12. 12
    Just Jody says:

    I think between all you smart TV lovers, you’ve covered them all, but here’s the full list for verification.

    1. Beverly Hills, 90210 – Sr. & Jr. Classes (led by Brandon)
    2. Friends – Ross
    3. Cheers – The Bar
    4. Happy Days – Fonzie
    5. Seinfeld – Its started with George’s girlfriend, but was quickly adopted by the main cast
    6. Battlestar Galactica – Adama and the all
    7. Firefly – Kaylee
    8. The Simpsons – Bart
    9. Sex and the City – Mr. Big
    10. South Park – Stan & Kyle
    11. Star Trek
    12. He-Man & the Masters of the Universe – Prince Adam/He-Man
    13. The Apprentice – Donald Trump
    14. The X-Files – Mulder
    15. Alice – Flo
    16. All in the Family – Archie Bunker
    17. Diff’rent Strokes – Arnold
    18. Welcome Back Kotter – Vinnie Barbarino
    19. Fantasy Island – Tattoo
    20. Saturday Night Live – Hans & Frans