Fated to Watch Moonlight Tonight   

Sophia Myles as Beth Turner and Alex O’Loughlin as Mick St. John in MOONLIGHT, “Fated to Pretend,” airing Friday, April 25th @ 9PM on CBS.

Moonlight returns tonight with an all new episode! I know this not only because I participated* in a teleconference with Jason Dohring this week but because Mo kept trying to convince me it was returning last week and then bugging me to tell her what’s going to happen for the rest of the season. Remember how I wanted my offline friends to watch my shows? I’ve changed my mind! (Just kidding.)

So, yes, tonight’s the first post-strike episode and I hear it’s one of the best yet. Fans are not going to want to miss it. Especially since Mick is finally able to experience some of the pleasures of being a human again. Which means we fans get to enjoy some of the pleasures of watching him… and if the promo for this week is any indication there’s pleasures a-plenty.

In preparation for the last few episodes of the season, it seems the Moonlight folks have been everywhere lately. Alex and Jason were at the New York Comic Con last weekend then there was the Moonlight Paley panel on Tuesday. Needless to say, there’s no short supply of coverage online. My favorite piece, however, has to be the PopWatch Duel between Alex and Jason. Alex’s choices are great if only for how random they seem. However, Jay’s so perfectly capture his personality that I can’t help but love them. Who do you think wins the duel?

Ok, ok, moving on… here are a few excerpts of the teleconference with Jason. Jason, as usual, has nothing but excitement for the episodes ahead and the possible season two storylines.

I was wondering if you could talk about your first day working on the set, and general experience working on your first episode?

Boy dude, I was scared. We shot at this guy’s house who owns the Grant Parking lots all over downtown. He has this really fantastic house and that was my first day. You don’t know anybody on the crew, that sort of thing. Most of my scenes were shot on that first day. It was cool because Alex was right there, and we were talking. It’s great to have someone there to talk to. You can be like, oh dude, I don’t know what to do with this part of the scene, and it doesn’t feel right to me. It’s like “okay cool man, try this”. It was kind of like he got to be there to work it out with you, it’s a blessing. Yeah, but I was terrified. Plus Joel Silver was on set.

I’m glad you mentioned Joel Silver – how is it being perceived on set, now that the show’s gone through a couple show runners?

Yeah, man, and I think I mentioned at the Paley Center yesterday. We had to eventually write our rules. What is our show? What kind of rules do we have as vampires? What styles do we want? Gabrielle and Harry have been on since the beginning, so we have certain writers. We do have a through line of vision, in that sense because we have people that have been on since the beginning, so even though we’ve had somewhat of a similarity. It’s kind of interesting. I think we’ve been building. Particularly, 11 and 12 were these fantastic shows and I think 13 and 14 are unbelievable. I think we have found our way by whatever means to pull it together to come up with something really amazing. We’re pulling it off, so it’s remarkable.

How involved is Joel in the production?

I think he’s quite involved, at least in the storyline. If he has ideas or he needs to come up with something, he’s always right there to do it. Even on Veronica Mars, he would call up Paris Hilton to get her on the show. Anthony Anderson, he would get our big names to the show. It was kind of what we needed then and are doing now. He’s Joel, dude. I think he’s happy with the writing crew that we have now, and they’re leading us in a good direction and he knows that.

How would you describe your character’s relationship with Mick and how have you seen that grow and develop as the episodes have gone on?

It’s funny, because you start with… so he’s been alive for 80 years, I’ve been alive for 400. We’ve known each other for a fair amount of time. As actors, you don’t know each other. I feel like as I get to know him better, I’ve started to feel like I can talk to him in the scenes, if you know what I mean? Able to laugh with him, kind of inside jokes, it adds to the being on camera element. The more we establish common ground or a liking and hanging out, that sort of thing, we grow. These guys are best friends and you see more of that coming through in the next couple episodes. It’s such a great relationship. Best friends, and what that is. Two guys who are quite different and kind of somewhat bust each other balls, and you’ll see that.

Will there be more exploration of Josef’s back-story in the next season?

Yeah, dude. There will. There will. They just told me some stuff last night. I don’t know that I can say what that is. You’ll find out where he comes from, what his story was back then, at the very beginning. You get to find out how he came to be who he is and what happened at the beginning.

I was talking to the writers yesterday about some possible season 2 storylines and history and stuff like that, and huge historical events that you see were influenced and changed by us vampires back then. It should be comical and interesting.

What are some of the thoughts about a potential second season of the show?

Maybe sadly enough, it just comes down to people watching the show. We’ve got to perform well. We’ve made several decent shows, you know what I mean? The ones we have coming up are very, very good, and we just need people to watch them. What you guys are doing is I think the best thing we can do, and just wait. Just keep promoting it. We have a great product here, and the more we can promote it and get people to see this, I think they’ll stick, and catch on, so thanks for doing it, and we’re going to do our part to make the shows good. If we can get the promotion and get people watching, I think it’s what it’ll come down to.

What makes a career as an actor rewarding?

I think it’s either performing good work or seeing that you’ve performed good work and seeing it appreciated. The first time I ever had that experience, I started off with Veronica Mars as kind of an asshole character, a bad character. It was around episode 6, you kind of saw a different side. And this lady came up to me, and you could tell she was so invested in it. And she said “I used to hate you, but now I don’t know”. Just the way she said that. It was pretty cool. I was glad to be disliked in a good way because it added to the show. It was cool how people get so interested. They are affected. That’s the joy of it, man. I think even before, when I said doing good work. When it’s seen by somebody is the ultimate, even it’s just your cast mate, and he’s like dude, that was awesome, and you’re like okay thanks dude. It’s that, dude. Doing good work and having it be appreciated.

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    afrocurl says:

    Aww! That’s a great set of Jason quotes, Rae.

    Thanks for “participating” in the call for all of us.

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    MrsStJohn says:

    Thanks for this! I was on a plane home from Paley and missed the call. Woe. Glad someone posted it up quickly!

    BTW, I believe the mute/unmute code is *2. :)

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    Rae says:

    Thanks, MrsStJohn :)Seat42F has the whole thing up already actually, if you want to read the whole thing.

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    afrocurl says:

    Rae, you know I do! Thanks for the link. ;)

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    [...] Rae listened in on a teleconference with Jason Dohring about the return of Moonlight and shares her favorite bits. (RTVW) [...]

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    [...] Rae listened in on a teleconference with Jason Dohring about the return of Moonlight and shares her favorite bits. (RTVW) [...]