ABC’s High School Musical Open Casting   

High School Musical Summer Session Casting Call

Two epic open casting calls will be held for ABC’s summer reality series High School Musical: Summer Session and the first is this Sunday, April 27 at Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, California and the other is Wednesday, May 7 at Champion Stadium at Disney’s Wide World of Sport in Orlando, Florida. Both of these open auditions will be a part of the early episodes of the series. Anyone between the ages of 16 and 22 is welcome to give it a shot at the open calls (if you are under 18, you must bring your parent or legal guardian) and can download an application and view eligibility requirements at

The producers welcome anyone and everyone ages 16-22 who has dreamed of being center stage — the high school quarterback who’s never tried out for a play but has a song in his heart, the drama club extrovert looking to break into the big time, someone looking to trade the chess club routine for a dance routine — all are invited to try to “Get’cha head in the game,” as the hit song says. The finalists will ultimately participate in a summer music program to hone their skills, and one talented newcomer will receive the opportunity of a lifetime, becoming a part of the High School Musical family. The winner will receive a grand prize—details will be announced separately. Lots of fantastic surprises await someone with the talent to go to the head of the class!

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    Vance says:

    I’m sadly WAY too excited about this show…