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Friday Fun!You know what I’ve decided? You guys are beyond creative. Now we just need a few people who are beyond rich who can fund our ideas. First our shows and then our networks!

Ok, ok, time for something a little different and a weeee bit shallow. Today it’s all about fashion. We all have our favorite celebrities and our favorite TV characters but just because you love somebody doesn’t mean you have to love their fashion sense. Luckily TLC created a show just for this kind of situation… What Not to Wear.

Who hasn’t silently cheered Stacy or Clinton throwing away some fashion disaster’s favorite threads? Don’t lie. You know you love it when they make someone face the dreaded 360° mirror. It’s even better when the person refuses to admit they look bad. HA.

Your Friday Fun task, should you choose to accept it, is to pick a favorite character or actor to send on What Not to Wear. You know you’ve got one… the star that you love who never quite looks… lovely on the red carpet, or maybe it’s the character you never miss your weekly appointment with even though you wish they’d get a new look. What outfits are his/her biggest offenses? What styles do you think Stacy and Clinton would suggest he/she try instead? (If you need help, check out the Fashion Tips available on You wouldn’t let your best friend walk out of the house in a horrible outfit, right? So don’t let your TV faves do it either!

I’ll get us started with the person who, via an email exchange with Just Jody, was the inspiration for this idea… Kristen Bell.

Kristen Bell at the FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL premiere.As previously noted (many, MANY times), I love me some KBell. Even if you’re among the haters out there, you can’t deny the woman is beautiful. The funny thing is, I love Kristen’s “at home/casual” style. She wears some adorable outfits. Which is exactly why I can’t understand her attraction to dresses that make the rest of us cringe. I think she needs an intervention and quick!

I’m going to stay away from the recent Forgetting Sarah Marshall premiere dress (pictured to the right) because there seems to be a mixed reaction to it. I am madly in love with her makeup, hair, and accessories but also think it she looks like she’s being swallowed by material. And how can you see the adorable gold sandals she’s wearing when they’re all covered up?!

However, then we have these and I don’t think there’s any debate as to whether these were wise choices:

Two examples of Kristen Bell\'s not-so-great fashion choices.

So, yes, I’d send Kristen on What Not to Wear and let Stacy and Clinton give her tips on how best to show off her petite kick-ass self!

Who are you sending?

Note: Don’t forget this is meant to be fun so don’t force me to cut you for being nasty or mean. And by cut I mean delete any comments that cross the line.

6 Responses to “Friday Fun: Fashion Advice”

  1. 1
    Rae says:

    Oh! I completely forgot I was going to add Betty as my TV character who I’d send on the show.

    I know, I know, her lamentable fashion sense is a very distinctive part of her character. Still, I hate that she’s worked at a fashion magazine for this long… is so smart and sharp about everything else but she can’t tell that her fashion sense is just… whack.

    It’s not like Stacy and Clinton work miracles or anything. I just need them to clue Betty in on the fact that she could be making some better fashion choices. That’s all I want. Is it too much to ask??

    ETA: And you know Mark & Amanda would totally submit an application behind her back. Come on UB writers, ABC, and TLC! Think of the cross-promotion opportunities!

  2. 2
    afrocurl says:

    What a great idea, Rae.

    For a celeb, I might have to go with Zach Quinto; sometimes I just can’t tell why he goes out to events in stuff.

    As for a character from a show, I’m sending the Echolls heir. Between this and this, he needs help with those casual outfits. (Well, maybe just S1 Logan, but well, it’s all I can think of right now.)

  3. 3
    Maggie says:

    Heidi Montag! Both on The Hills and off, I usually HATE what she’s wearing.

  4. 4
    Kelly says:

    If I had to send a character from a show to What Not to Wear it would be Ted from How I Met Your Mother. For one, it does bother me that he won’t “suit up” even when it is called for. And he wears way to many sweats and the dirty jeans and sweater style is out and will never be back in.

  5. 5
    WCL says:

    Wait, people didn’t like the pink dress? It’s adorable! I like the blue one too. So maybe I’m a no taste talentless hack as well. *shrugs*

    I’m trying to think of who needs a makeover besides Brit-Brit. I mean, she needs a whole host of things in addition to a makeover. TV character most in need? Angela Chase. Seriously. But for a show that’s on today, I don’t know. I watch all the teen dramas and they are always perfectly dressed.

  6. 6

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