Rob Moves Out of 90210   

Kristin’s got confirmation that Rob Thomas is stepping aside and the CW is looking for a new showrunner to take the helm of the 90210 spin-off.

Is it wrong that this news makes me happy? I’m really excited about Rob’s other two projects, especially Good Behavior. I’m also still a little unsure of how the 90210 thing. None of the casting news about it has gotten me very excited and, though I may still end up loving this show, right now I’m just not as interested in it as other shows.

I do wonder how the pilot will change with a new showrunner. Kristin’s article makes it sound like whoever the CW finds will actually be re-working the pilot. That makes sense since you want that person to feel ownership and control of the story. But I wonder who they will find?

Meanwhile Kristin confuses me because Kristen Bell pretty much said it was going to be hard for her to be involved in TV projects due to her movie schedules. Why then is she surprised when Rob basically confirms that? I get that Kristen is a little more hopeful about things but Rob’s casting right now so naturally he’s being more realistic about whether they can do anything with her right now.

Anyway, read the news and it’s Rob so you know I had to comment…

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