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I don’t always have a lot to say about shows but I miss chatting with you guys about things. So, I’m going to try and condense all of my various thoughts from this week’s TV viewing into one quick post. I’m sure I’ll forget at least one or two of the things I was going to bring up but at least this will get most of these random thoughts out of my head!

Sunday: The previous week’s previews didn’t leave much to be surprised about on this week’s The L Word finale. It was kind of a lackluster season for me and I’m not sure I love where they seem to be going for the final season. That said, I still love the overall friendship between these girls. Aliens in America was amusing and had some great call-backs to things that were set up early in the season. You know I love that.

Monday: Loved this week’s Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. Both made me laugh out loud more than once. Britney didn’t bother me at all though she was clearly trying a bit too hard during a few bits. Really loved how the different parts of Ted’s story kept connecting back to the others and their meddling. I’d be happy if Stella were the mother but I’m not sure I’d be happy with how Future!Ted introduced her/this story if she is. Of course, I think everyone being so sure this was intended to be the mother has colored my vision of the whole thing at this point. I’m behind on my other Monday shows except Greek but this was my first time watching it so I don’t feel ready to comment yet.

Tuesday: Eh, I covered my feelings on Jericho already and, if anything, I’m even less satisfied with the finale now that I’ve talked it over with Mona. Holy Timeline Issues, Jericho! I am, however, enjoying The Riches but I’m still ahead by a couple of episodes so I don’t feel safe discussing it for fear I’ll acccidentally reveal something.

Wednesday: Haven’t watched this week’s Men in Trees yet but I did catch up on Top Chef last night. The cast is still too large. I haven’t singled any favorites out of it yet. We don’t get to see nearly enough of them for that. Except I can say that Zoe annoyed me with her excuses. As Tom said, it doesn’t matter if it wasn’t what you wanted to make. If it’s a simple dish that ANYONE could prepare, then you should have no problem knocking it out of the ballpark. Right? Right. I also knew exactly what team would be in the bottom. After all, we all know anyone who brags about how great they are on a reality show is just setting themselves up for failure.

Thursday: I miss Lost!! I’m watching Miss Guided and liking it despite myself. There’s just something about it that’s holding me back from really falling for it but I think it’s got potential. There are times when it steps one foot too far over the line of ridiculousness but Judy Greer’s so good that she manages to drag it back over before I change the channel. Then there is Reaper and, hold on to your hats, I’m about to admit to finally turning a corner with this one. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that it’s just as they introduce Ken Marino in what appears to be a recurring role. I do love that man.

Ok, it’s actually because the show is finally showing a glimmer of something more. First, we finally have demons who seem to be somewhat three dimensional. And we’re back to the Devil wanting to keep Sam and Andi apart. I was afraid they were just going to drop the one thing I found really interesting. I like the idea that the Devil has ulterior motives behind his personal interest in Sam. I just wish they had been dropping a little more hints of that over the season so that I would have been more invested all along. Don’t make me care about the show just when I have to worry if it’ll be picked up!!

I don’t think I have to say much about America’s Best Dance Crew since I live blogged the show last night. Except to say that I’ve been re-watching the show today online and I like all of the dances a lot more now. I don’t love any of the choreography from last night but I’m still fascinated by what these guys can do. If you missed the battle between the last two teams, go watch it now! How awesome are those two teams?? Also, YAY!! JabbaWockeeZ!!

Finally, I also stayed up to watch the Make Me a Supermodel reunion. It was… ok. I hate how clear the edits were, though. Sometimes the switch between subjects was awkward because of the weird edits. Also, the Ben and Ronnie stuff was a bit much. I get that it was something the audience was interested in but it’s not like these guys know how the show was edited. Although, Shannon was right on about why those two are in the finals. I’m kind of afraid one of them will win for the same reason. I also thought showing the clips of the different diaries with people being nasty about each other was a little much. Luckily they were all pretty good sports about things but must the show be so obvious in trying to stir up drama? Still, overall, I did enjoy the show. Mostly because it kind of shows that there’s more goodwill between these people than it would seem from the show. I’m eager to see how America voted and what they do for the f inale.

And that was my week. Got anything you wanted to say about one of your shows that wasn’t worth an entire post? Share below!

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    Polter-Cow says:

    Yeah, Reaper just got more interesting, but I thought there was pretty much zero chance of its being picked up, what with the CW comedy department folding. And the CW already announced a bunch of early renewals. I hope the last five episodes wrap things up; the creators are on record as saying they knew their show might be a casualty of the strike.