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First, let me congratulate Bob Walters on winning our The Riches, Season One DVD giveaway! Thanks to everyone who entered, I wish I had a DVD set for each of you. Alas, I haven’t stole the life (and money) of a rich person lately to make that possible. However, I will posting a Greek giveaway tomorrow and we’ve got a bunch of prizes to give out this time so be sure and enter!

It’s the last Thursday of March (ALREADY?!) and I’ve been a bad blogger lately. Both are good excuses for a list, eh?

  • Roz linked to a Kids Incorporated YouTube channel today and I spent my entire lunch trying to find one of the scenes from that show that has stuck out in my head for years. Only I never found it and according to the episode guide on the fan site behind the channel, it looks like I may be imagining the scene. Of course, now I’m obessed with finding out. Does anyone else remember them singing “Hey Mickey” at some point? I could have sworn it was when Mickey was on the show (I have a very clear vision of the girls singing it to/at him on the street and he/the guys singing another song back at the girls). Or have I just lost my mind?
  • RIP Jericho. The final episode of the show aired on Tuesday and I can’t say that I’m sad to see it go. I hear there were people loving where the second season was going but I wasn’t one of them. Nor was pretty much anyone I know personally. Not to mention none of the people who used to blog about the show have had much to say about it at all. Combined with the dropping ratings, I’m guessing more people felt the way I did than those who were loving it. There haven’t been many commenting on the finale either… not that I blame them. It kinda just fizzled out. Which kinda sucks because, even though I still maintain the decision to bring the show back had nothing to do with the Nuts campaign, you can bet networks will point at it’s failure as prime reason to ignore similar fan campaigns in the future.
  • In happier fandom news, I can’t express just how happy I am with the Dollhouse casting so far. I love that none of these folks are well-known. Tahmoh Penikett as the FBI agent is awesome not only because the BSG alum is freakin’ yummy but because he’s not any of the suggestions fans were making for that role. I’m not sure why I was ever worried. If there’s one thing I should know about Joss, it’s that he’s really good at finding the right actors for his characters. Anyway, I’m also happy to see that Fran Kranz is on the show because he was one of the things I actually liked about the short-lived Welcome to the Captain.
  • Tonight’s the finale of America’s Best Dance Crew and I’m both excited and sad. I can’t wait to see if my favorite crew, JabbaWockeeZ, won (just voted for them a few more times, in fact!) but I’m sad that I’ll no longer have new routines to watch every Thursday night. How am I supposed to get my street dance fix now?! Also, why do I let myself get sucked into these type of shows? Don’t answer that. (I blame you, W!)
  • Speaking of getting sucked into shows, I got The Vicar of Dibley: A Wholly Holy Happy Ending from NetFlix yesterday and used it last night to unwind from a not-so-pleasant day. Can I just say that is one funny ass show?! In fact, I am sitting on my hands right now just to stop myself from buying The Vicar of Dibley – The Immaculate Collection on Amazon. My shows need to come back NOW so I’ll stop being tempted by these other shows.

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    I’m glad I could enable you to spend your lunch hour reliving the past.