Live Blogging: America’s Best Dance Crew Finale   

Live Blogging the Finale of AMERICA’S BEST DANCE CREW.Even though I’m currently crying in my spilt milk about not being in LA and blogging from the LIVE finale of America’s Best Dance Crew, there’s no reason I can’t blog it from Orlando, right? Right.

So, if you’re watching, join in the fun in the comments! Ok… here we go:

10:04 PM: Oh, Mario is just teasing us now. Does anyone actually believe we’re going to get the winner this early in the night? HA!

10:06 PM: First, Shane… I disagree about these being the top two but whatever I guess the votes say that’s who America wanted in the top two, eh? And, hey! JC stole my thought about being sad not to see these guys every Thursday. Aww. He’s right though.

10:14 PM: HOLY SHIT!!! That West Coast dance was SICK. I love it. Can I have more, please?

10:16 PM: Ok, here’s my area of the country. I wonder who choreographed these dances. Of course the signature Live In Color move is in there.

10:19 PM: I think I just found my new summer obsession!! Who needs Big Brother when I’ve got America’s Best Dance Crew?!

10:24 PM: Eh, didn’t love that East Coast dance. I think it was the music. Well that and the camera is making it hard to get a good view of the dance. The down side to being live?

10:26 PM: Commercial Check: Anyone going to see 21 this weekend? It looks good. I really need to post that PR stuff I’ve gotten for it. Also, why is every other commercial a movie trailer? I can’t see this many movies in one weekend.

10:28 PM: Ok, we’re back. That studio is so loud tonight. Ok time for the Mid-West dance. Cute so far. Love the mixing of the guys doing the same moves on the skates as the girls in regular shoes.

10:30 PM: I clearly love any routine that has a theme. Aww, JabbaWockeeZ!! I love those guys. Do you think E-Knock is his actual name? I mean, it’s a neat name if it’s one you chose for yourself.

10:32 PM: Love the footage of them with the kids! These crews have huge hearts and it’s great that we’ve gotten to see that throughout the show.

10:34 PM: Commercial Check #2: Another movie trailer! You know, The Ruins trailer playing in the movie theater has nothing on these 30 second spots on TV. They are just freaky.

10:36 PM: Oh, dammit Mario, look back?! I don’t want to look back. I want to know the winning crew. Also, it’s early so are we going to get one last dance from the winning team or a group dance? That’s way too many crews for a group dance, no?

10:37 PM: Aww, great look back at Status Quo. On to JabbaWockeeZ. Man, I didn’t realize they lost their crew member Gary right before the show. How hard would it be to do this after something like that? And, here we go… I’m crying.

10:39 PM: OMG! Together?! Must go concentrate on this.

10:41 PM: AWESOME!! I want to rewind and watch that again RIGHT NOW. I can’t believe I didn’t fly out to LA for that shit.

10:42 PM: I love Shane but I wish he’d stop with the “yos” and “y’alls”. Although, he just made up for it by yelling at the crowd to shut the fuck up. They were seriously on my last nerve with the screaming out when they know people are talking.

10:43 PM: Lil’ Mama’s so right. Love that the judges take no pleasure in tearing people down and want everyone to win.

10:44 PM: Going to commercial now and someone needs to stop Mario from dancing…

10:49 PM: Ok, this is the part I hate, when Mario restates everything that we’ve already heard. I know it’s all scripted and whatever but it all comes off as way too dramatic.

10:51 PM: And you know he’s about to do a long pause… look, he even lowers the freakin’ mic because he’s just going to stand there for a full minute while the music plays and we watch the faces of the crews!

10:52 PM: JABBAWOCKEEZ WIN!!! HELL YEAH!!!! Aw, I’m so happy!!!! Look at them hugging on the stage. Aww. Yes, Mario, they are amazing gentlemen.

10:53 PM: See! How fucking awesome is it that the first thing they do is tell Status Quo how great they are?! That’s what winning is all about.

10:54 PM: Haha, E-Knock, it’s ok, I’m crying for you. Status Quo on MySpace: And their final walk… I seriously love that beat and the door closing.

10:55 PM: Randy “crowning” them and congratulating them… love it the red hat “crowns.” YES! I was so hoping we’d get one last dance!!

10:57 PM: Man, I’m going to miss them. That wasn’t the greatest dance but that’s ok.

10:59 PM: Mario putting on the JabbaWockeeZ mask is THE BEST. Haha. Look at him on the stage with them. Ok, that was a fun way to end the show.

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    teran says:

    the finale was really great. The best of the whole show was the west coast peformance.