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Seriously. No offense to Status Quo but if they somehow manage to win this whole thing, it’ll be absolutely ridiculous. As much as it breaks my heart to admit it, I can kind of see how they pulled out the win this week. Heck, go back and read my post about last week’s show and even I picked them as my favorite dance of the night. That said, after watching their “Evolution of Street Dance” and then watching JabbaWockeeZ and Kaba Modern’s? It really highlighted that, no matter what, we were losing one of the teams that deserved to be in the final two.

I’m very sad to see Kaba Modern eliminated but I think the judges made the right call. Not only because JabbaWockeeZ has consistently been great week to week but also because they always take the challenges one step past the other crews. As Lil’ Mama said, “When it comes to creativity, you guys definitely have that. You came out there with the biker look and you had a theme behind it. You really brought something new to the table and I respect that.” That’s something that I’ve felt they have done consistently week after week. There’s no way this crew didn’t deserve to make it to the final two. And, I mean, listen to the reaction from the audience when they’re done!! Hands down, they blew everyone else out of the water.

So, like I said, vote JabbaWockeeZ and vote often. This week the voting polls stay open all week, right up until the live finale next Thursday. It kills me that I won’t be there in person for that! And, hey, even if you don’t watch this show… go vote my boys!

Check out the two outstanding JabbaWockeeZ performances of the night:

Evolution of Street Dance

Red Pill

Here’s a compilation of all of the dances of the night. You’ll have to watch the JabbaWockeeZ dances again but, hey, they’re worth a re-watch anyway.

America’s Best Dance Crew – Week 7

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