Wherefore art thou TV love?   

I’ve been in a posting funk lately. Some of it’s because I’m busy with work and life but, let’s be honest, that’s never stopped me before. It’s possible that it’s somewhat due to the sudden bout of depression that I’m suffering at not being in LA with Ducky and Kath for their Paley fun (they’ve got lots of Pushing Daisies coverage over at The Pie Maker and you should definitely listen to their PD and Chuck and Friday Night Lights podcasts for their reaction to the different panels). But that’s not real depression so I don’t think I can blame it (not to mention this posting shortage started long before last week).

No, the blame for my current TV ennui lies firmly at the feet of the Strike. I always knew I wasn’t really going to take me a while to feel the effects. I had small bites of my favorite shows to enjoy those first few months and the lull was almost welcome after my insanely packed Fall schedule. But then we always have a little break during the holidays and the beginning of January so it felt normal to me. We’re now nearing the end of March and I’m really feeling the emptiness of my viewing schedule. And, to my surprise, instead of glomming onto any TV tidbits that I can I’ve slowly been pulling away from obsession. (Never fear, I’m too much of a TV whore not to be sucked right back in as soon as all of my favorites are back on my screen.)

Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying the shows I’m watching. I’m not dead after all. They just aren’t the type of shows that compel me to rush online to talk about. So, I decided it was time to take a look at my schedule and see just what I’m watching and what I can’t find it in me to care about and what I’ve slowly pulled away from. Check it out below…

DVR Day by Day

  • Sunday:
      8:30PM – Aliens in America
      9PM – The L Word
  • Monday:
      8PM – The Big Bang Theory
      8:30PM – How I Met Your Mother
      9PM – New Amsterdam
      9PM – America’s Prom Queen
      11PM – Daily Show
      11:30PM – Colbert Report
  • Tuesday:
      9PM – One Tree Hill
      10PM – Jericho
      10PM – The Riches
      11PM – Daily Show
      11:30PM – Colbert Report
  • Wednesday:
      10PM – Top Chef
      10PM – Men in Trees
      10PM – High School Reunion
      11PM – Daily Show
      11:30PM – Colbert Report
  • Thursday:
      8PM – Lost Repeat
      9PM – Lost
      9PM – Reaper
      10PM – Make Me a Supermodel
      10PM – America’s Best Dance Crew
      10:30PM – Ace of Cakes
      11PM – Daily Show
      11:30PM – Colbert Report
  • Saturday:
      10PM – Trading Spaces

I know that looks like a lot but, of the scripted shows listed there (excluding The Riches because it just started again this week), the only ones I’m really invested in are The L Word, How I Met Your Mother, and Lost. I enjoy the other comedies but I still watch them while doing other things (aka, I’m not all that into ‘em). Men in Trees is entertaining enough week to week but it seems to be wandering without much purpose at the moment. I like New Amsterdam the most of all the new shows but I’m still not quite hooked. Last week’s new episode of Reaper did nothing to change my “ehh, that was sorta amusing” opinion of it.

And, of the three shows I’m really into, only Lost actually has me engaged in what’s going on in the story. I am more attached to the characters on HIMYM and The L Word but it’s Lost I can’t wait to see week to week. I’d never have predicted that’d be the case this time last year. I thought I was over Lost but that’s all changed. Now I keep finding myself wishing I had the DVDs so I could go back and re-watch things to see if my theories make any sense or not. You’d think that’d get me posting but so many people know the show better than I do. It intimidates me. I don’t want to post my ideas for fear that I’ve forgotten something so obvious and people thinking I’m an idiot.

Ok, so we’ve established that I’ve got one show getting my brain turning during the week, but that ignores all of the reality shows I’m watching and that’s not quite fair. The thing about reality shows is that, as entertaining as they are, they will never be as interesting or compelling as scripted shows. Every once in awhile a contestant comes along that I fall in love with but usually I’m more interested in what these people have to do each week and how they approach it. One day, when I’m starring on a yet to be created reality show about TV addicts, I’m going to know just what NOT to do during one of my challenges because of all the reality stars I’ve watched fuck up over the years. You mark my words!

Anyway, I’m pretty much loving all of my reality shows but Make Me a Supermodel and America’s Best Dance Crew are my two favorites. I don’t care that Perry Ullman is an arrogant ass. He’s so good-looking it doesn’t matter. If he’s not one of the final two, I’m calling shenanigans. Although, with the way things are going it probably won’t even be the judges’ faults. They’ve been trying to get rid of Ben for weeks now and America isn’t having any of it. He seems like an OK guy but he can’t compare to the other models still there. As for Best Dance Crew, I think you’re well aware of my love for that show. What can I say, I’m a sucker for dancing like this. I love that it’s groups instead of individuals… for some reason I am not as enthralled by individual dancers.

I can’t recap what I’m watching without at least mention a few of the things I’m not watching. Like, for instance, the current seasons of Survivor and Big Brother. I’m still surprised that I’m not watching either of these two. And right now I can’t foresee a way I’ll ever watch again. I think I’ve finally broken the umbilical cord that was holding me to them. Go me!

Then there’s shows like American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, and Beauty and the Geek that I’ve never been able to get into. I don’t get the appeal of American Idol and, at this point, I don’t think I ever will. I did try to watch this season’s Beauty and the Geek and it was alright but not good enough to get me to watch again this week. I actually liked the start of Celebrity Apprentice but it quickly got on my nerves and I haven’t looked back once.

It’s not just reality shows that have failed to grab me, though, there’s also a bunch of new scripted shows that I haven’t cared enough to watch. I gave In Treatment a couple of episodes before I decided I’d had enough therapy. Eli Stone seemed like it should be right up my alley but I couldn’t stick with it. Unhitched is just one un-funny mess. I can’t believe FOX hasn’t pulled the plug on it already. Do they just like murdering good shows? The Return of Jezebel James was also pretty awful. The second hour was better than the first and I will give it another try this week but so far I’m less than impressed. I can’t believe FOX had their hands on that pilot for so many months and STILL aired it with the laugh track. That just slowed down the fast paced dialogue and, quite frankly, magnified how unfunny most of the jokes were. Like I said, the jokes were a bit better in the second episode (and, really, would have been funnier if I hadn’t been annoyed at the overly-robust canned laughter) but, as much as I’ve liked both Parker Posey and Lauren Ambrose in their other roles, I think these two are terribly miscast here. So, as you can see, I don’t suspect it’ll stay on my radar for much longer.

What else? I hear Miss/Guided was OK but I completely forgot it was premiering this week. Unless I’m feeling more in the mood next week, I may pass on it completely. The commercials weren’t that funny and I’ve got enough comedies on my schedule. Then there’s Lipstick Jungle which I bailed on after less than ten minutes and Canterbury’s Law I couldn’t find the energy to watch. That’s horrible, isn’t it? I’ve never been one for lawyer shows. If Boston Legal didn’t like to make fun of itself, I probably wouldn’t watch it either.

So, in a very large nutshell, that’s what I’m watching and not watching this Spring. What about you? Is there something you’re watching that you think I’m missing out on? Tell me.

5 Responses to “Wherefore art thou TV love?”

  1. 1
    Stella says:

    I’ve never gotten into American Idol either–although for some reason I enjoy reading other people’s snarky recaps.

    I am ashamed to admit that I am once again hooked on Dancing with the Stars. So that’s Monday and Tuesday nights for me. I also find myself strangely addicted to America’s Next Top Model. I enjoyed rooting for the bitchy girls (of which that would be MOST of the cast!) to get knocked out of the competition. I will be overjoyed when Fatima finally goes…

    I am most definitely a LOST addict and spend hours posting, pouring over analysis and discussing the show. It’s gonna hurt when it finally comes to an end…

    I am looking forward to the return of The Office, My Name is Earl, Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives. So, no–you’re not missing much in my opinion…

  2. 2
    Rae says:

    Don’t be ashamed! Lots of people I know love DwtS. I don’t know why it doesn’t do it for me. I enjoyed Drew L. but even then I just waited for his dances to show up the next day online.

    I also know several people who enjoy Next Top Model. I think I resist that one because I can see myself getting sucked in. Until I’m trapped on a plane and forced to watch a marathon, I think I’m safe.

    I also can’t wait for the return of those shows… just a few more weeks. Can’t get here soon enough for me!

  3. 3
    Just Jody says:

    You are so not alone in this state of TV indifference. I posted very similar feelings last month over at my LJ, which is basically a ghostland because I am not inspired to post about anything. (http://cdn-tvaddict.livejournal.com/77835.html)

    I too (as you know!) am really (overly) invested in Lost this year – so much so that I have been pouring over the DVDs to try and piece things together. I’m loving BSG season 3 which has been reairing, and I’m also watching The L-Word and mostly enjoying it, though I don’t anxiously await the next episode. And that’s it. No I lie. We are also finally getting Damages, which both Brad and I really like.

    Nothing else has been holding my interest at all… I haven’t even been sticking to the three epiosde rule. I lasted 16 minutes on Jezebel James – all I could think is this woman is not Lauren Graham, but she’s trying to read her lines. I gave up on the Sarah Conor Chronicles, although I did watch the finale so I could try again next year – BAG is seriously HOT now! I lasted 5 minutes into the 2nd ep. of Eli Stone and then gave it up, and I forgot about Miss Guided too.

    Maybe it’s just because they’re scraping the bottom of the TV Show barrel right now, or maybe it’s because I’m cranky about the loss of almost a whole season of Heroes and Chuck, and even a few episodes of Lost. And I’m really sick of investing in shows that disappear early. That part of me thinks that this attitude will carry over into next season, causing me to be more slective in my viewing. Some of the shows that I was just getting into (or getting back into) like Dirty Sexy Money and Desperate Housewives, I don’t even think I’ll go back to.

    But the TV Addict in me knows that I’ll probably be just as overloaded next season when everything comes back. I’m already giddy about Dollhouse and looking forward to Fringe and Caprica, so I’m sure I’ll be back up to full veiwing mode by next fall. Maybe then the desire to post about TV will return too?

  4. 4
    tubetalkgirl says:

    No one would ever think you’re “an idiot” Rae. I love reading your thoughts!

    Also, DWTS is my guilty pleasure, I’m almost ashamed to say. I have a healthy love for ballroom dancing, though, and I can’t look away.

  5. 5
    Harper says:

    You know, I think many people are suffering from a “blech tv” reaction to the writer’s strike. Yes, we still watch but I’m seeing less and less obsession everywhere. Compared to the compulsive, obsessive posting after say an episode of Veronica Mars or Buffy, I think fans are a little gunshy. Yes we love but we love warily since the networks seem to have no rhyme or reason for the shows that stay and the shows that go.

    It is hard when you want to watch a new show but expect it to be cancelled momentarily. I hated caring about Moonlight, I loved Drive which lasted all of 5 seconds on Fox, I was wary of watching Terminator – it’s just hard to invest in a show and see it get whacked almost immediately.

    I do agree that Lost is the only show on television right now that is combining creative writing, acting and a fascinating story arc. I too have almost given up on Lost. I can not stop applauding the producers/writers for reinventing this show. The Flash Forward was genius. Sheer Genius.

    I’m still watching many shows. Most of the them at a weird time and hour when I get an opportunity. I’m still watching DWTS simply because I adore good dancing. I don’t think the producers have done a very good job casting this time around and the winner seems fairly obvious but there’s still beautiful costumes and sometimes wonderful dancing to enjoy. I’m looking forward to SYTYCD and hoping Nigel and his gang stop with the heavy headedness this time around.

    I’m watching Survivor still but mostly due to the fact that I love the Challenge part. Creative challenges where contestants are working hard are the fun part to me. And I like Ozzy. I love watching him fly through the water. I find the people to be again lacking with favs Jonathan and Yauman gone and the fans being almost unwatchable but it’s still holding my interest.

    But to get back to point, I think you are making a very valid statement about television viewing after the strike. This whole season is a mishmash mess and it’s hurt a lot of shows that might have been much stronger if they weren’t shortened. I am grateful though that the strike gave me Journeyman. It would probably have been cancelled much earlier and as it was – it played out like a perfect gem of a miniseries that I ended up adoring with excellent closure and beyond excellent acting. So the strike gave and it took away. And, I think it’s probably changed the face of television for a long time to come. And not in a good way unfortunately.

    But eek! This is enough of a novel.