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THE RICHES, Tuesdays at 10PM on FXWe went for a walk this afternoon and then, at dinner, Mo proceeded to give me a hard time for letting you guys down (read as: her) by not posting about the return of The Riches tonight. Right she is. I’ve been caught up in a few things and neglected the blog for the past couple of days. So, here we go…

The second season of The Riches premieres tonight on FX at 10PM and you should definitely be watching. And I say that as someone who struggled with the first season of the show. I started out digging it and then slowly began to lose interest. I watched every episode but, as soon as my mind would start to wander, I’d get up and do other things while I watched. That’s pretty much the way I watched the entire second season of Lost. However, at the very end, the show reeled me back in and I quickly realized that it was the bigger story arc that was the draw. It’s not that I didn’t care about the “little” stories but they were never as fascinating as the bigger picture.

Well, after having seen the first few episodes of the second season, I’m happy to report the show continues to hold my attention. it looks like they will be sticking with the serialized aspect according to Eddie Izzard’s comment during a recent teleconference, “We’re serializing the show more this season and I think engaging and keeping an audience in a different way. And you really do, do that by there being a cliffhanger at the end of every episode. The noose is definitely tightening. That’s what this whole second season is about.” That’s definitely a plus in my eyes.

The noose is tightening?! Sounds interesting, right? And dark. Which fits right in with how Eddie describes the tone this season, “I think the tone is more locked down. We went through this tone in last season. I think we ended up at the end of the season with this tone. It’s somewhat darker. Some of the episodes in the first season were slightly funnier, and they’re not, the funny comes out at very dry and bizarre circumstances in this season. It’s a drama with some quirky things going on in it. It’s just very sure and it’s dark and compelling, and it’s a train ride.”

I can attest to the truth in his statement, at least for those first few episodes. I think the quirky things give it just the right balance, though. It’s easy for these kind of shows to get too dark and I think that’s dangerous ground but the dynamic between these characters never lets it go so far that it loses me. Quite the opposite in fact. I can’t wait to see the rest of the season and like Minnie Driver’s statement below, I really wish the strike hadn’t cut this season short:

“And whilst we all support the writers, I would have loved to have done a full season. I don’t think the show suffered. I think it’s going to leave the audience wanting more, which is a really good way to end a season at all, and the addition of Jared Harris to our cast I think has added a kind of weight and a danger that’s really fantastic.”

Of course, we can only hope it also leaves FX wanting more. So don’t forget to watch tonight at 10PM on FX and, just to give you a hint of what you’ve got in store, check out a couple of the clips below.

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