America’s Prom Queen Premieres Tonight on ABC Family   

Theo Von is a judge on AMERICA'S PROM QUEEN, premiering March 17th at 9PM on ABC Family.ABC Family’s newest reality series, America’s Prom Queen, premieres tonight at 9PM. Hosted by Miss USA 2003, Susie Castillo, sees ten girls competing for the title of America’s Prom Queen. The girls will compete in challenges that test their prom know-how from their sense of style to their ability to dance to their planning skills to their prom spirit. Over the six one-hour episodes, the Prom Committee will narrow it down to the Prom Court of whom America will decide who deserves the crown. The Prom Committee includes CosmoGIRL’s Editor-in-Chief Susan Schulz, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’s Jai Rodriquez, pop star Brooke Hogan, and comic Theo Von plus a slew of guest judges.

Late last week I got the opportunity to ask Theo a few questions about the show and, I’ll be honest, his answers are the reason I’ll be tuning in tonight. You may recognize Theo from his time on MTV’s Road Rules or NBC’s Last Comic Standing but I know Theo from his appearances on various Comedy Central stand-ups. As you can see, he’s a pretty busy guy and no stranger to reality.

As for the show itself, Theo assured us that everyone involved did their best to make each of the episodes different and unique each week so there won’t be a dull moment for the audience. He also gave us a hint at some of the challenges the girls will face such as designing a convertible car (decorate the car to illustrate their spirit) and make up cheers (which he admitted was “both funny and ridiculous at the same time”). He also gave us an example of how the show brought the girls out into the community and got other people involved in the show:

“Another time they had to make a senior prom for seniors, which was out of this world. It was incredible. I was dancing with this lady who I honestly felt like she was about to die. So, that was pretty crazy, I mean it’s really crazy dancing with somebody and it’s like their last dance, you know. So, that was incredible. And you know we actually put on a senior prom in a senior center.”

Theo was also impressed with the variety of girls on the show. He assured us there is a great mix of all different types of girls and that, “It was one of the better casting jobs that I think that I’ve seen.” Of course, there’s also an interesting mix of judges, a super group of sweethearts according to Theo.

Plus, he’s pretty damn funny to boot and that’s always a good thing when it comes to reality judges. His humor was evident pretty quickly during our teleconference when he joked that he was worried about America getting to choose the girl who wins, “Yes, I just don’t really trust America. I mean, I’ve been in America for 27 years and it is shaky.” He also admitted to trying to inject a little bit of his humor into the show but having to be a bit careful when it comes to jokes about teenage girls, “I had to mind my P’s and Q’s a little bit but I still threw in the rest of the alphabet.”

Still, it was Theo’s closing statement that sold me on the show. See what he had to say below and think about giving the show a shot tonight at 9PM.

“I think it’s going to be a really interesting show. People will be pretty surprised to see the caliber of good young girls that are actually out there. I think you see a lot of kind of bad girls and uneducated girls and like skeezes in the media, so, I think it will be nice to see on this program you’ll see a lot of girls who are just decent, good, caring young ladies. I think a little dose of that is good for America.”

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