Broadway Meets Hip-Hop   

You know what? Every week I want to talk about America’s Best Dance Crew and every week I never find the time. No more. I’m making the time. If I don’t, the show will be over and all of you fans will still be stuck commenting on my post about the premiere.

So, last night we were down to the final four crews and, man, they saved the tough challenges for the top crews! I’ll be honest, I wasn’t all that fond of any of the crews’ translation of broadway hits into hip-hop numbers. However, how fucking awesome was that opening number with all the crews dancing together?! Check it out:

There were way too many crews to do those kind of things before but it makes me wish we’d had them all along because I would have enjoyed seeing some of the eliminated groups dancing together. I’m hopeful that we’ll have at least one or two more of those next week seeing as how we don’t have enough crews to fill up an entire hour anymore. That or bring some of the other groups back and let them do some of their original routines “in between” the competition dances.

Anyway, back to last night’s episode. Status Quo’s “You Can’t Stop the Beat” was probably my favorite (crazy talk, huh?!) and that’s mostly because the fun re-mix of the song meant let them be more energetic than the other two crews. Well that and I’m more attached to the original versions of the songs the JabbaWockeeZ and Kaba Modern got. It’s harder to look past how I’m used to seeing those songs performed, ya know? But look at how much fun they had with it.

Something that I’ve loved about this show and we really got to see it last night, was the respect these crews have for other dancers. Watch the JabbaWockeeZ reaction to the stage dancers in the video below… how great is it that these guys who can do some of the craziest shit I’ve seen in a long time have such respect for other type of dancers? I say that only because we don’t always get to see reality contestants appreciating their peers smuch and I love that we do get to see it here.

As for their actual dance, I loved the little details. This crew and Kaba Modern have consistently been the best at bringing those kind of touches to their choreography and it always impresses me. I do sometimes wish the JabbaWockeez or JazzaWockeeZ, as they were known this week (gotta admit it, their humor in the dance studio is totally why I love this crew the best), were wearing slightly more fitted clothing. Much like with Fysh n Chicks in the first few episodes of the show, it drives me crazy when I can’t actually see something they are doing because their clothes are too baggy. That was especially important this week when they were making small movements with their arms and legs that added so much to the overall dance. Ok, I’ll stop going on and on about it now.

Then we have the bottom two crews… you know, Kaba Modern remains my second favorite team so I had a hard time voting last week. I thought Kaba did a great job with their Michael Jackson dance but I couldn’t put JabbaWockeeZ in the bottom so I completely understand why these guys ended up there instead. And, as much as I like seeing the crews working in the studio, sometimes it can be blamed for my disappointment in the actual dance. From the comments Kaba Modern was making in the studio, I was expecting a little more from their dance. It was still pretty cute and fun but they were clearly out of their element and, again, it’s hard when you get with such an iconic number like “You’re The One That I Want.” That said, their dance still amazed me.

As soon as they finished, I knew Kaba Modern was safe. Even with Yuri messing up during the dance, they blew BreakSk8 out of the water. Poor Yuri. I know I’m the biggest sap in the world but she totally made me cry when she broke down at Lil’ Mama’s calling her out on her mistake. I may be way too attached to these crews. What am I going to do next week of either of my faves gets sent home?! Oh, I’m not going to think about it.

Did you watch this week? What’d you think of the dances? Don’t forget to vote online before Saturday at 4AM to send your favorites to the final two!

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