You Did It Better Than The Video   

I have the worst kind of DVR traffic jam on Thursday nights. After hardly anything all week, I suddenly have to juggle shows just to get them taped for watching later. Lost always runs over which screws up my 10PM tapings. Why doesn’t my BrightHouse DVR let me say I want to start taping a show 5 minutes AFTER the beginning time? Yes, it means I’ll miss the beginning but at least then I wouldn’t have to worry about whether it’ll tape the next showing. Grrrr.

At least this week MTV didn’t do the back to back airing of America’s Best Dance Crew. Last week I found out which crew was eliminated before getting to see any of the dances. Talk about annoying!

Femme 5 dances to Gwen Stefani on AMERICA’S BEST DANCE CREW.

I didn’t talk about my thoughts on last week’s premiere episode because I knew Spads had a lot to say about it from attending the taping. My favorites last week were definitely Kaba Modern which works nicely since they ended up in the Top 4 this week. And the only thing that annoyed me about the premiere was the coloring editing. At times the amount of red on the screen made it near impossible to see the dancers. Since that’s why I’m watching, it was driving me a little batty. However, it looks like they learned from their mistakes because the colors were much better this week. Plus, they must have heard Spadada’s complaints about the camera work. There was a lot less jumping from one angle to another which meant we really got to see more of the actual dances this week. I approve!

This week each of the crews had to reproduce the dance video they were assigned. I like that they are getting tasks like this since it forces them outside their safe zones and assures that we aren’t getting pretty much the same routine week to week. It was interesting to see the choreography each group came up with, especially when you could actually see the original video playing above them on the screen. In some cases, it was actually freaky to see them perfectly mimicking the video.

My favorite crew, Kaba Modern, suffered a bit from not being able to come up with their own routine. At first I wondered if this was because they went first this week and how good they are compared to the others didn’t stand out as much. They were definitely still pretty damn awesome but I think it’s just that they weren’t able to include the parts of their usual routines that really make them stand out. It’ll be interesting to see if they’ll be able to overcome that as the competition continues and they have to conform to other people’s styles over their own.

In the meantime, my second favorite crew overall had the best dance of the night (IMO, of course). I think Lil Mama said it all when she said, “I love JabbaWockeeZ!” Check out them taking on take on Omarion’s ‘Ice Box’ below:

Crazy! I love them. I thought their mask schtick was a bit odd during the casting special and warmed to a bit watching the premiere but now I think it really works for them. It forces me to concentrate on their dancing and not their faces. I began to notice how much I do look at the faces on the other dances vs the JabbaWockeeZ last night. I was happy, though, when Mario asked them to take off their masks for the judges (weirdly the part where Mario asks them is cut out of the aired episode but that is why they did it). It was nice to actually see their reactions to the love the judges were giving them.

The bottom two, the only two all female crews, actually both did a good job with their dances. In some ways, even out-preformed some of the safe crews. But I think that’s the way it should be. It makes it harder to send either of them home but you should always bring your A-game when you have to dance for your place in the competition. Plus, it’ll all even out in the end since the crews that werern’t so good in this episode will most likely be fighting to stay in the competition next week. Anyway, I think the judges made the right call. The Femme 5 did a decent job with their video but they were never going to be as strong as Fysh n Chicks. And, I’ll tell ya, I think Fysh n Chicks looked much better this week than any of the other times I’ve seen them. Possibly because I felt like we could actually see them dancing as opposed to when their bagging clothes hide half of what they’re doing with their bodies. I don’t think they need to switch to high heels and sexy dresses but I would like to see them go a little sexier with their usual outfits.

And finally, though there were plenty of gems tossed around last night, I think Mario took the cake with his, “There can never be too much booty shaking as far as I’m concerned.”

Oh, Mario.

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    Spadada says:

    JabbaWockeeZ were definitely the best this week. Followed up by ICONIC. And though Femme Five was much better than they have been in the past, the range of what they can do is very narrow and it makes sense to get rid of them now before the competition gets any stiffer. They just aren’t up to par.

    I didn’t like the Fysh N Chicks act very much, but I think that has more to not liking Beyonce’s style of dance than anything else.

    It was sad to hear the judges critique Status Quo since you can tell that on a personal level they all want them to do well. But it’s true: their routine was not as good as the others.