Oh Happy Day   

The Writers Strike is finally officially over. I know people have been celebrating and declaring it since Saturday but I wasn’t will to jump on that bandwagon until it was truly official. Now that it is, I can’t help but breath a sigh of relief. I love the writers and I would have supported them as long as necessary but, as much as this strike offered me opportunities to meet so many more of them than I ever imagined, I really prefer it when I actually get to watch their writing come to life.

So, yeah, thank God they’ll be going back to work tomorrow!

PS: We still have Adopt A Writer interviews that were done before the strike and we’ll definitely be posting those. The strike may be over but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth getting to know the writers behind your favorite shows. Be sure to check out the site in the next few days for new interviews as they go live. We’re still discussing whether to continue to the project as-is or in some form in the future but we’ll let you know as soon as we figure it out!

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