Being A Bit of a TV Eeyore   

I’ve been so busy, busy, busy lately. And I just got a couple new projects dropped in my lap so it won’t ease up any time soon. So, sadly, I have no time for my usual TV rambling but I still have a few things I want to get out of my head:

  • I re-watched the “Mystery Spot” Supernatural screener the WB shared with bloggers yet again last night and still love it as much as the first time. That right there is reason enough to celebrate the end of the Strike. I can’t until my nights are once again filled with episodes of television that compel me to watch and re-watch them obsessively. I’ve got some nitpicks about the episode, mostly related to the fact that it supposed to be taking place in Florida and clearly it’s impossible to make winter in Vancouver look like winter in Florida, but overall this may be one of my favorite episodes this season.
  • On the flip side of CW programming, I’m disappointed in the nanny storyline on One Tree Hill. I take full blame. Everyone else saw it coming a mile away but I kept hoping they were going to surprise us by not retelling the same story that’s been done a thousand times before. What?! Don’t look at me like that. They’ve always managed to surprise me with Brooke so I thought maybe, just maybe, they’d do the same here. Not so much. Of course, the show still managed to make me cry this week so it’s not like I’m walking away from the show because of their choices with the nanny thing.
  • Speaking of disappointment, I’m not loving any of the stories on The L Word this season. I still love some of the characters but every episode reeks of lazy writing and it’s slowly detracting from my overall enjoyment of the show. The one bright spot might be Adele and only because I have come to hate Jenny with such a passion that I can’t wait for the day she gets her comeuppance.
  • Then there’s last night’s premiere of Jericho. Almost all of the Jericho fans I know watched the episode early but I decided to wait for the actual premiere. Perhaps it was expectations built up by everyone else’s reactions but, I’ll be honest, I was less than impressed. I’ve had a love/bored relationship with this show from the start (so much so that I was a little by how passionate people got about saving it) and I can see that isn’t going to change with this new season. I won’t get into specifics about the episode so as not to spoil those who haven’t watched yet and will settle for hoping that the next few episodes will remind me of what I loved about the show last Spring.
  • How many of you watched Big Brother last night? For the first time ever, I almost forgot about it. Of course, I also completely forgot it was 12 of 12 day so maybe my projects are just eating up more brain cells than I realized. I did watch. Sort of. While I was doing other things. I was kind of hoping that I’d be wrong about my sudden apathy towards the show. Alas, I wasn’t. Nothing I saw made me suddenly crave the live feeds or left me eager to see who gets kicked out of the house first. Contestants never draw me in right away but this season’s group seems even more vacuous than usual. And, I gotta say, I do not care for the soulmate theme/twist. It definitely did what CBS and the producers were going for, though. There was more drama in that first episode than there has been in a LONG LONG time. Sadly for me, I prefer it when they are ALL just getting to know each other and watching how they pick their allies, etc. The twists over the past few seasons have just been progressively taking that way from me. Plus, I really kinda hate when Big Brother tries to pretend it’s a show about bringing people together while really being a show about finding two people (Sharon & Jacob) who come with built-in drama.
  • Man, I’m just a big ol’ Rae o’ sunshine today, aren’t I? Would it help balance out the negativity to know I’m still loving both Psych and Lost? The only bad thing about Psych is that it’s ending this week. Sniff! As for Lost, trying to wrap my brain around what’s going on leaves my head spinning but that’s a good thing. I like that I’m completely intrigued by the mysteries again and I no longer feel like we’ll never get answers to questions. I do have some nitpicks regarding things we’re not seeing take place on screen. For instance, how does everyone know what Desmond told the group at the beach? Did I blink and miss the scene where he actually told them all everything? I can’t tell if sometimes the writers just didn’t show us a scene because it’d get repetitive or if we’re supposed to wonder how the heck that person knew that info (like Locke with pretty much everything he knows about everyone else). Still, there’s so much going on that I’m happy to sit back and let it all play out before getting too nitpicky.
  • Oh! And I’m also really liking Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles as well. I don’t have any deep thoughts about it but it’s a fun ride every Monday night and that’s good enough for me.

Ok, I’ve rambled enough for one lunchtime. Back to the grind.

2 Responses to “Being A Bit of a TV Eeyore”

  1. 1
    theTVaddict says:

    Rae… we’re totally thinking on the same wavelength today.

    SUPERNATURAL was supposed to take place on Florida??? Could have fooled me!

    OTH. Couldn’t agree with you more. Could the nanny story-line be anymore cliche?

    And same with TERMINATOR: TSCC. Loving it.

    Also, JERICHO. I’m sorry, I just don’t get it. Apparently 50,000 nuts can be wrong.

  2. 2
    WCL says:

    I’d like to call attention to my LAST comment about OTH where I lamented the nanny storyline in advance. Oh show, you are so very predictable.