Blade: The Series on DVD Today   

Blade: The SeriesTerminator aside (which I’m loving, but that’s for another post), I can’t think of many movies that have been successfully made into TV shows, and I was skeptical about Blade: The Series when it premiered on SPIKE in 2006. It took me a few episodes to get into it, but I was quickly hooked after that…right up until it was canceled after its first 13 episode run. The series managed to keep the great parts of the movies – the action, blood & gore, and special effects – while adding more character development and back stories to a brand new storyline.

Described by the producers as a sort of Blade-meets-the-Sopranos, the series takes place after the movies and has the basics of the comic and movie universe, with a twist. Blade is of course still the half vampire with all the benefits of his combined genetic heritages. Gone is Whistler, replaced by weapons and tech expert Shen. There’s a new nemesis, Marcus Van Sciver, leader of the House of Chthon, one of the ruling vampire clans (think mafia families). And then there’s newly turned vamp Krista, barely holding onto her humanity with the help of Blade and acting as a double agent to infiltrate Chthon.

Special features on the DVD set include:

  • “Turning Blade,” a behind the scenes documentary
  • Audio commentaries for the pilot from the writers and director (Where the writers describe the constant struggle with standards and practices – just not in the way that you think. S&P thought that the envelope wasn’t being pushed far enough. Nice.)
  • 12 of the episodes are unrated and include scenes “too graphic for TV”
  • TV promos (Bonus points if you can name the victim in the “Bathroom” promo and which Bravo reality series he’s from.)

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