Have a Sitcom Medley   

I have to admit something to you guys. Remember this 12 Days of Christmas video that was circulating back in December? Yeah, I bought their DVD. They’re like sirens… I couldn’t resist. I got it earlier in the week but kept forgetting it at work. Today I finally remembered to bring it home and was sitting here perusing my email as I watched it when this came on:

Is it sad that it’s like they stole the soundtrack of my head? Ever since that damn TV meme I did earlier in the week, theme songs I forgot to include keep popping into my head one right after another.

If you want more, here are a couple more Straight No Chaser videos: SNC Behind the Music & Teen Sensation Medley
And here’s another group, the Achordants, with a sitcom medley.

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    SNC says:

    If you like Straight No Chaser, you might be interested that they’ve reunited and are releasing an album next month on Atlantic Records: