I’d Like to be More Interesting   

Did I ever tell you guys the story about how, somehwere in France, I’m known simply as “a Desperate Housewives fan” or how I almost met Marc Cherry on the picket lines back in November?

The Friday I was in LA was a fan day on the NBC/Universal picket lines. It was mostly for Battlestar Galactica fans but others were invited as well. Well, not long after Spadada and I had parked and were making our from gate to gate, these two gentlemen, one of whom was carrying an impressive looking video camera on his shoulder and the other who was holding a mic, stopped us to inquire if we were Desperate Housewives fans. Upon finding out that we were, they explained that they were from the channel in France that airs DH and were there covering the strike, “You know, we’re French. Wherever there’s an exotic strike, we’re there!” That was the first (and last) time I’d ever heard the Writer’s Strike described as exotic.

They then asked if I’d mind answering a few questions on camera for them. I did. The questions were a bit odd. A translation/language barrier issue I suppose. Several were more statements than questions. Still, Spads assures me my answers were articulate and even interesting. Honestly, all I remember is that I told them that I wanted the strike to end because I wanted to see more of Nathan Fillion on my TV screen. I’m so classy.

The “interview” was pretty quick and in no time at all they were thanking us profusely and off to search for other DH fans, all without ever asking my name. So, A couple of French reporters interview Marc Cherry, the creator of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, about the WGA Strike.if you see a nameless DH fan wearing a red “It all started with an idea. THEIRS” t-shirt babbling about how great Nathan is on some news show in France, that’s me.

Not long after, Spads and I walked back to that gate and were standing there, signs in hand, waiting for the light to turn when we realized Marc Cherry was standing right next to us and he had noticed our signs. He started to greet us when the French guys interrupted and asked if they could interview him (pictured to the right). Theoretically, I was the lead-in to a Marc Cherry interview! What are the chances he also wants the strike to end so he can see more of Nathan Fillion on his show?

What? It could happen.

That whole story just to let you know tonight’s episode of Head Case, Starz’ new comedy series, guest stars DH’s James Denton and Marc Cherry. From the clip below of the two analyzing James’ relationship with Teri Hatcher with the help of Alexandra Wentworth’s Dr. Goode, it looks like it’s going to be a pretty funny episode:

Watch Head Case tonight at 10 PM ET/PT on Starz.

2 Responses to “I’d Like to be More Interesting”

  1. 1
    Stella says:

    If I’d have met Marc Cherry, I would have demanded more Bob (Tuc Watkins) and Lee (Kevin Rahm)! But it’s understandable–Nathan Fillion is a hottie!

    Did you see Waitress?

  2. 2
    Rae says:

    I could do with some more Bob and Lee myself. I’m kind of disappointed we haven’t gotten more of them this season.

    I did and I loved it. A lovely little gem with the added bonus of Nathan.