This Week in TV Blogging: Jan 19-25   

Wow. I’m so behind on posting! What can I say, since Thursday I’ve been busy creating first a Star Wars cake and then a Puppies in My Pocket cake. The actual cake execution actually goes pretty quickly but not the prep. At least, not the first time I create a new design. Some day I’ll have it down to a science just like Duff and the rest of the staff at Charm City Cakes. (And you thought I couldn’t bring that back to TV!)

TV Blog CoalitionAnyway, between the two cakes, a birthday party, and an unscheduled 24-hour “bug” blogging fell to the wayside for a few days. That’d be why I’m late getting the TV Blog Coalition links up. Sorry about that! I know that by now you’re reading all of these blogs regularly but, just in case, here’s the pick of the litter from last week:

  • Buzz shared tons of stories from the Freaks and Geeks reunion in San Francisco. (BuzzSugar)
  • Sandie interviewed Sophia Myles who plays Beth Turner on MOONLIGHT (Daemon’s TV)
  • Liz watched writers from The Daily Show and The Colbert Report stage a hilarious mock debate on the strike. (Glowy Box)
  • Mikey wishes that James Marsters was in every episode of Torchwood. (Mikey Likes TV)
  • Fergus looked at five shows that never made it to the airwaves, much to our disappointment. (Pop Vultures)
  • To kick off the Adopt A Writer project Kelley interviewed Jasmine Love, a writer with credits from Moesha, The Division, and The District. (RTVW)
  • Usually the first quarter is a slow time for finding new albums, but Scooter has rounded up a list of 29 albums to check out in the next four months. Well, 28 and Ashlee Simpson. (Scooter McGavin’s 9th Green)
  • Vance is going to miss Betty and Chuck during the strike hiatus. (Tapeworthy)
  • Jace was all about British TV this week, from an advance look at Torchwood‘s second season opener to the awe-inspiring finale of Life on Mars. (Televisionary)
  • Dan had some misgivings about Carson Kressley’s tepid new show How to Look Good Naked. (TiFaux)
  • Raoul interviewed Rachel and TK from The Amazing Race. (TV Filter)

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