Miss America: Reality Check Wraps Up Tonight   

The Miss America Live! pageant takes place Saturday, January 26th, on TLC at 8-10PM which means Miss America: Reality Check is coming to an end tonight at 10PM on TLC.

MISS AMERICA LIVE final episode airs tonight at 10PM on TLC.

As I was watching Ugly Betty last night and enjoying Michael Urie’s Mark, as usual, I realized how grateful I am that I’ve been getting a little extra Michael Urie lately. He’s been hosting TLC’s Miss America: Reality Check in which 52 Miss America winners try to forget everything they’ve ever learned so that they’ll have a chance to win the title of Miss America 2008, a relatable “it girl” who can connect with today’s modern woman.

Michael’s been a hoot and I’m sure that’ll only continue tonight when the contenders are put to the test. They’ll have to recite lyrics to American anthems (for the record, I challenge any typical “modern woman” to do that) and show off their Red Carpet Walk. The best girls tonight will be the ones to watch on Saturday night.

Which reminds me, you can still vote for your favorite Miss America online until 3AM on Saturday. Your votes will determine the 16th pageant finalist in the competition. Tune in Saturday to see who you got into the final running and who the judges feel is the most real, relatable, modern “it” girl and not a stereotypical pageant queen.

Also tonight, Janice Dickinson on Jimmy Kimmel Live and brand-new episodes of Friday Night Lights and Psych. And don’t forget the Cartoon Network’s newest addition, George of the Jungle at 7:30PM!

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