Let Chuck Cheer You Up   

Know what can make a crappy afternoon better? Preview clips of tomorrow’s two brand-new episodes of Chuck.

Of course, if you’re like me (located in Central Florida), you probably won’t be happy to hear that you don’t actually get to see the second episode thanks to the Floridian Republican Convention. I guess these clips will have to tide us over until Saturday afternoon at 3PM*. Damn election years!

Also, VM fans should note that Phil Klemmer wrote “Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover” which means it’s sure to be a great episode to return with! See below for episode descriptions and preview clips.

* Note: This is the time listed as the alternate airing but the guide also lists it as the same episode that is airing Thursday night so I can’t guarantee that information.

“Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover” (8:00 pm ET/PT)
Written by: Phil Klemmer
Directed by: Fred Toye

Chuck discovers that several Russian arms dealers are secretly meeting in Los Angeles. One particular Russian woman catches his attention, and he flashes on her as being Casey’s ex-girlfriend. Chuck grows intrigued and begins to pester Casey about his history with the woman. After learning she is to set marry one of the Russian arms dealers, Chuck insists that Casey fight for his woman. Will Casey go after his true love without compromising his identity? Meanwhile, Captain Awesome (recurring guest star RYAN McPARTLIN) and Ellie reach a tough point in their relationship.

“Chuck Versus the Marlin” (10:00 pm ET/PT)
Written by: Matthew Lau
Directed by: Allan Kroeker

Captain Awesome (recurring guest star RYAN McPARTLIN) asks Chuck if he can have Ellie’s hand in marriage, and then insists that Chuck hold on to the ring until the proposal is planned. Chuck locks the ring in his Buy More locker, but returns the next day to discover everything has been stolen from the store. Meanwhile, Casey and Sarah discover that the CIA has been spying on them in hopes of discovering “the intersect.” With Chuck’s identity and life on the line, the National Security Agency has no other option than to relocate Chuck into a permanent holding cell. Will Chuck lose his family and friends forever?

6 Responses to “Let Chuck Cheer You Up”

  1. 1
    afrocurl says:

    I can’t wait to watch these. Tomorrow needs to hurry up and get here.

  2. 2
    Spadada says:

    When did CHUCK move to Thursday??? Not good for ratings, people. Keep shows on the days and times you start them out on : P

    On the other hand, YAY for new CHUCK! Written by the lovable Phil Klemmer no less. I’m excited.

  3. 3
    afrocurl says:

    Spads–it’s just a one-time thing for the rest of the episodes. I might have to talk to someone about it later…

  4. 4
    Anita says:

    My DVR better see these episodes!!

  5. 5
    Ken N says:

    I, too, am in central florida and it sucks that “Chuck versus the Marlin” was preempted on WESH TV for the Fl. Repub. convention. I hope it is reshown on Sat.

  6. 6
    Rae says:

    I feel ya Ken. I’m having to avoid everyone’s posts about the episodes because I don’t want to get spoiled for what happens. Grrr.

    It does look like they’ll be showing it on Saturday, though. The scroll at the bottom of the screen confirmed the re-air time for both Celebrity Apprentice (2PM) and Chuck (3PM) on Saturday. Of course I’ll be at the FX Show during that time but at least it’ll be waiting for me when I get home.