When You Need a Little TLC   

Doug, Paige, Gen, and Ty back in the good old days of TRADING SPACES on TLC.I used to be hopelessly addicted to Trading Spaces. My friends may not have been Buffy fans but, man, you should have heard our discussions about what crazy design Hildi had come up with this week or our predictions for how Doug would fuck with his homeowners next week. I may watch a dozen such shows these days but Trading Spaces popped my design/”reality” cable show cherry! A girl never forgets her first… especially when it comes with memories of Ty Pennington back when he was making America laugh instead of making us cry.

I can’t tell you exactly when I stopped watching Trading Spaces but I can tell you that it lost its appeal when they got rid of Paige Davis. They had already made some casting mistakes with some of their newer designers but Paige at least kept things fun. You need that person who keeps everyone aware of the time, isn’t afraid to question the designers’ choices, and actually cares about the home owners being happy. Needless to say, the hostless version of the show just didn’t hold the same appeal. I catch the show on occasion but there’s nothing that’s ever made me reconsider my decision to give it up.

That is, until this past weekend when I learned that that Paige Davis is returning as the host!

Paige Davis returns as the host of TRADING SPACES this Saturday, January 26th.How is it that I never knew she was fired?! Clearly Trading Spaces predates my foray into the land of TV blogging. It astounds me that the folks at TLC would have agreed to such a thing. I understand thinking you’re keeping a show fresh by changing the formula slightly but that show was a phenom and they ran it right into the ground with their changes.

Ok, ok, that’s not quite fair. The show’s downfall can also be traced back to the departure of favored designers and carpenters. Not that I blame them for taking advantage of their sudden popularity but part of what made the show great was the interaction Doug, Hildi, Genevieve, Vern, and Ty had with each other, Paige, and the homeowners. Even Amy Wynn is gone! I’m happy that Frank, Laurie, and Carter are still around but none of the newer designers have ever entertained me as much as the originals.

That said, I’ll definitely be checking out Paige’s return this Saturday at 10PM on TLC. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be sucked back in…

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    Anita says:

    I used to watch Trading Spaces back to back and I always loved when Vern or Genevieve had a room, was never quite sure with Doug or Hildi and cringed a little when Frank was designing since I wasn’t a fan of his ‘country kitsch’ style, although I loved his enthusiasm. That was also my first foray into reality TV and now I’m more into Court TV/Tru TV’s Forensic Files and ‘America’s Most Shocking!’…although..my addiction to those shows does not bode well for my ‘trust and faith in the goodness of mankind’. I did love Ty, Carter and Amy as carpenters on Trading Spaces as well though and Paige was a great host. Also had no idea she was fired!