Q&A with Jaimie Alexander of Kyle XY   

Jaimie Alexander plays Jessi XX on KYLE XY on ABC Family.

As mentioned earlier in the week, I had the pleasure of participating in a Q&A session with Jaimie Alexander, who plays Jessi XX on Kyle XY, on Tuesday afternoon. I actually knew Jaimie from an early episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and her work on Rest Stop so I was happy to learn that she’s very down-to-earth and funny.

She talked a little about her past and her approach to acting as well as what it’s like behind-the-scenes at Kyle XY. She also teased us with what’s ahead for Jessi in the last half of the season. She was very careful not to spoil us while still getting us excited about Jessi’s storyline.

Enough summarization, let’s move on to the actual transcript from our talk. All questions are bolded with our specific questions higlighted in pink.

Congratulations on your character surviving. You kind of gave us a fright there. I just wondered if you could talk about how involved are you going to be in the rest of the season. Are you going to be in most of the shows or have a fairly big part going forward?

Jaimie Alexander: Actually, yes. Jessi is, if I can remember correctly, in every episode in season 2.5. She plays a big role and definitely stirs up things a lot more than she did last season. Still while trying to be a good person, but things don’t always go her way.

What is your favorite episode or favorite storyline been to film this far?

JA: My favorite storyline is Jessi’s quest to find her mother, her parents, who those people were in the picture. Just her quest to find where she belongs, which is very broad, I guess. My favorite episode so far is 13.

Describe the connection between Kyle and Jessi, that mental connection that they have.

JA: The connection between Kyle and Jessi, it’s a lot different than a normal human being to a normal human being. They are pretty much made of the same mold. They’re the only two that understand each other completely and, even still, they have difficulties.

They’re pretty much each others guardians. I think Kyle would be okay if Jessi wasn’t around. In a sense, he could manage. But I don’t think Jessi would be okay without Kyle because she doesn’t have anybody else. To be honest in the episodes that are coming up, their connection is questioned and it is explored heavily throughout the next nine episodes.

Is the relationship between Jessi and Kyle going to evolve in the next few episodes?

JA: Just like with any relationship, you have to go through certain highs and lows to see how strong the relationship is and where it’s going to take you. And Jessi and Kyle-I’m trying to think how to word this. Jessi and Kyle kind of duke it out throughout the next few episodes, though not intentionally.

Jessi will try and do something that she thinks is beneficial or good for somebody else but, in reality, is a bad thing. Eventually, a heavy strain gets put on their relationship because of the things that Jessi is doing where it makes Kyle kind of shy away from her a little bit because he has so many other things going on. So their relationship becomes very strained, like very heavily strained, throughout the next few episodes.

What’s your favorite thing about Jessi to play?

JA: There are so many things. I like the fact that she represents-this is going to sound really odd to all you guys. But she represents a normal person in the sense that she has two sides that kind of battle against each other. And that’s fun because I’m telling you, one moment, I’ll be good and sweet and kind and doing the right thing, and then the next few minutes, I’ll be doing something that’s horrendous. And I love that.

I could never get bored. I honestly feel that I have some of the best material on the show and I’m so blessed to play this character because it’s exciting each day. We’ll get the new scripts and I’ll be like, “Whoa, what am I doing in this one?” And it’s always a surprise. I guess my favorite part of her is her dual personalities in a sense.

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    [...] Rae had fun talking to a fellow Buffy fan and the woman behind Kyle XY’s Jessi XX, Jaimie Alexander. (RTVW) [...]

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    [...] Rae had fun talking to a fellow Buffy fan and the woman behind Kyle XY’s Jessi XX, Jaimie Alexander. (RTVW) [...]