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Pretty soon the lack of new TV will have me screaming just like Emerson on PUSHING DAISIES.

You guys, I’m starting to panic about all my shows being gone! Obviously I’ve known about this forever but actually being to watch all of my shows on the night they air and comment on them the next day is forcing me to face the reality of the situation. Of course, that reality should be that I watch way too much freaking TV but instead it’s that soon I’m going to have to actually do something other than veg on the couch every night from 6 to 11 (those extra 2 hours being used to catch up on taped shows). Every time I update the Episode Countdown, I wince at having to bold another show. Here’s hoping that this deal between the DGA and AMPTP really is a step in the right direction.

I have been saving some shows, figuring in a couple of weeks I’ll need something to watch. I had given up on Big Shots but decided to keep watching after I found out who was cast as Brody’s wife. I actually have no idea how many new episodes they have left but I’m saving them all for a later date. Also on ice is Boston Legal as it’s one I enjoy really paying attention to and the 10PM time-slot never makes that easy. I did, however, watch Project Runway, Ugly Betty, Celebrity Apprentice, and ER this week. Let’s talk briefly about each.

Project Runway
Kit and Ricky fail to win over the judges with this less than avant-garde design.I know why Kit is gone. I can’t really argue it too much but I think the judges could have gotten away with ditching Ricky this round. Clearly they felt it wouldn’t be fair after it became obvious that both dresses were based on Kit’s conceptions. They could have pointed out that Ricky should have realized the design wasn’t going to cut it and asserted himself more or even that his overall performance compared to the others was enough to eliminate him but, ultimately, I accept their reasoning. That said, both Kit and Raimi’s avant-garde designs definitely deserved to be in the bottom. Though I don’t think Jillian and Victorya’s design was really avant-garde enough either, it looked magnificent so there’s no way it was going to land the girls in trouble.

Going back to Kit and Ricky for one moment, putting aside their failure to execute “avant-garde,” can someone tell me how their ready-to-wear dress made any sense? It was a cute enough little sun-dress but I didn’t get the connection to the other dress at all. Using the same fabric from one dress to the other doesn’t make them connected! (For the record, I feel this way about Jillian and Victorya’s ready-to-wear dress as well.) I dunno, I just don’t see how that really captures the spirit of the avant-garde design. I guess the judges didn’t either!

As for Raimi and Sweet P, yeesh, who knew they’d be one of the worst teams I’ve seen on PR?! Who was Raimi’s partner in that other pairs challenge? I can’t remember him being such a control freak that time. I think we saw a bit of his ego coming out there. It was clear he doesn’t think much of Sweet P’s designs and that’s why he wasn’t willing to listen to her ideas. When the judges were discussing who should go and they brought up those slacks and Sweet P being responsible for them, I wanted to point out that Raimi basically made them himself since he hovered over her the entire time and brushed away her concerns about them. Oh well, at least they could see that he was trying to lay all the blame on Sweet P instead of admitting that his design didn’t cut it. I’ll be curious to see how much longer he lasts. The judges can already see that he’s a one trick pony.

On to Victorya and Jillian and, man, these two are so SLOW. Jillian’s comment about their issues with time management was an understatement. Design-wise, I actually liked their clothes the best. I’d have worn their avant-garde outfit which is why I don’t really think it was avant-garde enough. I typically think of avant-garde fashions as something I’d never be caught dead in on the street. Jillian’s boast about them actually ending up with three looks made me laugh. Not only because of the nasty look it elicited from Christian but because it made it obvious that their ready-to-wear look was thrown together at the last minute. As with Kit and Ricky’s ready-to-wear dress, I don’t see how the dress captured the spirit of their avant-garde design. I know they didn’t have much time (especially since they hadn’t even begun their second outfit until the morning of the runway) but I think they could come up with an amazing ready-to-wear piece based on their freaking trench coat alone. Wouldn’t a truncated trench coat in that same black material with a similar design have been sweet?! I’d have worn something like that.

Chris and Christian, Team Fierce, pulled out a win with this avant-garde design.

How great of a team were Christian and Chris? Team Fierce indeed! The two of them were just too cute working together. I don’t know if they could have done it on a more mainstream outfit but their styles perfectly complemented each other here. I must say, for a reality contestant I couldn’t stand at first, Christian sure has grown on me! I can’t stand his inability to take criticism but he makes me laugh and this show would be rather boring if he wasn’t around to make catty little remarks and act insane. I’m also glad that Chris got to come back. I’m not sure his designs can stand the test of time but his subtle dry humor wins me over every week. But back to the designs, eh? Their avant-garde dress was out of this world and that wouldn’t have been possible without Chris. Yes, the ruffles were insane but the neck thing was the coup de grĂ¢ce. Plus, I really liked that I finally saw a connection between one of the ready-to-wear outfits and the avant-garde piece. They definitely deserved the magazine layout.

So a final thought, to all future Project Runway contestants, always expect more. It drives me nuts when Tim shows up to throw a wrench in the designers’ plans and they get all flustered and upset. How many weeks does he have to do that before you realize that it’s what happens on reality shows? You’re not signing up for Design Camp, people! Expect the freaking unexpected already.

Ugly Betty
Uh, yeah. I’m not going to have much to say here. There were some moments that made me chuckle and I liked some of what the supporting cast got to do but, overall, I was less than impressed with this episode. I do like that Claire Meade has been cleared of the charges of murder (though I wonder how she managed to get off on all the other things she did, like breaking out of prison, etc.) and I like the idea of her in charge of Meade Publications. Does this mean that Daniel and Alexis will once again be vying for top spot as Editor-in-Chief? Or will the struggle be between Alexis and Claire as who gets to be top woman? Since I’ve always enjoyed Claire and Wilhelmina interactions, I like the way things are headed.

All I really have to say about the rest of the episode is, thank goodness that wasn’t the episode we ended on! I look forward to next week’s episode leaving us with a positive memory of Ugly Betty’s second season. I don’t think the show has been as strong this year as it was last year but there’s enough good mixed in with the bad to still make it one of my favorites.

ETA: Oh! I completely forgot about this and it deserves to be mentioned… the Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice conversation between Hilda and Justin? Loved it. They were just saying what almost every GA fan is saying, right? It’s those type of moments that I fell in love with on this show.

Celebrity Apprentice
Gene Simmons bids goodbye to CELEBRITY APPRENTICE.Does anybody not think Gene purposely got himself fired? Quite frankly, I couldn’t tell if the Kodak people were just really put off by Gene or if that loss was rigged. Because there’s no way the men should have won this round, even if the women’s message wasn’t all about ink. I was really hoping the men would be a little more humble about this win than they were given the disaster they were facing after the laptop incident. Note: I hope Trump hooked that designer up because I’d have been PISSED if it had been my laptop those guys had destroyed.

So, as I was saying, Gene absolutely decided he was done. To be truthful, I was always curious how they had gotten him in the first place and I suspected he wouldn’t be around long. I mean, really, what the hell does Gene have to prove? He came on, got himself a little camera time, assured the public that he hasn’t changed and now he’s off to doing whatever the fuck he wants again. Meanwhile, the producers are left having to make the rest of these celebrities seem interesting without Gene around to drop his little gems all over the place.

I loved Alec showing up and openly outting Stephen for being a bullshitter. Tell us something we don’t already know, Alec. I still don’t really care for Piers. He was pretty much right about everything this week but he’s a perfect example of how you need to be both savvy and smooth. Being a bully isn’t the best way to get people to listen to you. As for the women, Nely better push the women to a win next week or she’s toast. Trump has it in for her at this point and he’s like a dog with a bone once he decides a contestant needs to go. I predict the producers will focus on Omarosa now that Gene is gone and, sadly, she’ll eat it up. I don’t like the woman but she is smart. She’s learned her reality show lessons. Everything that comes out of her mouth is all about protecting and positioning herself in the boardroom. She’s not afraid to stick her knife in anyone’s back if it means she makes it back up to the suite.

I’m torn about whether I’m really enjoying this show. I’ve always watched The Apprentice for the tasks. Not so much for what the teams end up doing so much as just being fascinated with the tasks they come up with and imagining how I’d approach them. At this point, this show is very much about the celebrities and they aren’t really “celebrities” that I care about. I’ll admit to being slightly fascinated with how they’ve interacted up until now but I don’t know if it’ll be enough to keep invested the entire time. But, as we’re all saying at this point, it’s not like there’s anything else on…

How come I have so much more to say about the two reality shows here than the two scripted shows? Am I finally seeing episodes that were filmed after the writers were on strike? That would actually explain a lot. It’s not that this episode was bad. It just wasn’t particularly good. Very, uh, fluffy. The hockey game was kind of funny as was the fight when they were all brought to the ER (although I couldn’t see how any of them actually needed to be wasting the time and money of the hospital for injuries that weren’t ambulance and emergency worthy. But, whatever, it was meant to be funny and not serious so I won’t dwell on it.

The prison guard storyline failed to engage me. I didn’t even cry this week. What’s my TV coming to?! I’m not too sure about Gates and Sam either. I’ve liked their chemistry up until now and I’ve always figured the writers would end up hooking them up because of it but the kiss was a little anti-climatic. I can’t even put my finger on what was lacking. It just needed a little more oomph. (My God, I’m a critical genius!) The whole episode was like that for me. Hopefully next week will be better.

On my schedule for tonight: Moonlight and Psych

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