Watch Out for that Tree!   

GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE premieres Friday, January 18th, on the Cartoon Network.I have a special place in my heart for George of the jungle. My favorite portrayal of him, by far, was Brendan Fraser’s in the Disney version from 1997. So, when the folks over at M80 contacted me to let me know about a new George of the Jungle would be starting this Friday, January 18th, on the Cartoon Network, I was way more excited than any 31 year old should be about a cartoon. (Lie. I personally hope I get just as excited about cartoons when I’m 61 as I do now and I did when I was a kid.)

I don’t really have to tell you what the show’s about do I? With a fun, big-hearted hero like George at the center of a show, you just know it’ll be full of monkey business and humor. I can’t wait!

And, if you want a sneak peek of the kind of things you can expect to get from this cartoon, you should check out the show’s official website. But I must caution you, it’s so much fun that you may find time mysteriously disappearing on you while you play with all of the site’s options. And, umm, you won’t be able to get the theme song out of your head for days! (My co-workers are already a bit sick of me singing it and I’ve only been doing that for a day now.)

In fact, you know what, I can’t be the only person stuck with this earworm. So, here, let me pass it along:

Catch new episodes of George of the Jungle every Friday night at 7:30p on the Cartoon Network.

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    Stacy says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Cute theme song. I’m sure i’ll be hearing it. The girls love CN. :)