Rae’s Top 7 Memorable TV Moments of 2007   

Ahem. Hi. I kind of dropped of the blogging radar in the past week. I’ve got no excuse for it really. Mostly I was hanging out with family and doing what I never do… actually taking a break from the computer (and online activities) when I’m away from work. I know that may sound weird but I spend 8 hours every day on the computer doing online related work. For some reason that makes it easier to come home and blog for a little while. Like it’s just an extension of my day job and I’m a workaholic so it feels natural to do that. However, when I finally do manage to escape that invisible leash tying me to my computer, it suddenly becomes a chore to even check email.

So, yeah, I kinda took a little blogging sabbatical. Not a TV sabbatical, mind you. I haven’t suddenly become Pod!Rae or anything crazy like that. I did think of several things I do want to post about and took some notes on them. So I’m pretty sure I won’t run out of things to discuss even with the wasteland of TV landscape looming up ahead. But right now I want to talk about how today is the last day 2007. How in the hell did that happen?! Which one of you mad scientists out there pushed Earth into a time machine and fast forwarded us through an entire year? It was probably some prepubescent teenager who wants to get past his awkward years fast. I’m here to tell ya that I have several clocks that are a-ticking and I do not need my years to be disappearing this quickly.

I gave some thought as to whether I wanted to try picking out my favorite episodes of 2007 but my memory just isn’t that good. I can barely remember what happened last month much less last January and I hate it when end-of-the-year lists are really just what’s-fresh-in-our-memories lists. So, instead, I just came up with my Top 7 Memorable TV Moments of 2007. All TV-related if not necessarily specific episodes or TV shows…

Veronica walks away from the camera in the last shot of VERONICA MARS.1. Veronica Mars Walking Out of My Life: That Veronica Mars. She never writes, she never calls. It’s like and Neptune dropped off the face of the Earth. (Don’t mind me, I’m still firmly entrenched in the denial stage of grief.) Seriously, I can’t (and won’t) argue that the third season of Veronica Mars is anywhere near as good as the first season. That doesn’t mean I didn’t love the show just as much as ever when Veronica turned her back to the camera and walked away from us forever. I miss her. I miss all of them. But, and I know I’m one of the few who feels this way, I’m glad we got the end that we did. I loved it. I felt it was a pitch perfect way to end the series. I don’t know that it would have been as perfect had Rob actually written it as an ending (though it’d be a challenge to convince me he didn’t believe, deep down, it was the end). That last shot of Veronica walking down the street in the rain as “It Never Rains in Southern California” plays in the background captures the heart of the show and, if I had to lose her, I’m glad the last image we got of Veronica was so iconically her.

Me in the SUPERNATURAL Metallicar.2. “Driving” the Metallicar & Watching Kim Manners Direct Jensen and Jared: When I got invited to the set of Veronica Mars, a friend said to me, “If you ever get invited to Supernatural, I’m hiding in your luggage.” I laughed at such a ridiculous idea. Being flown to Vancouver seemed like an impossible dream to me. So, when I got the invite this past February… I didn’t believe. Up until the moment I stepped out of customs (because, seriously, the long line I stood in there had my inner doubting Thomas smugly chastising me for daring to believe), I didn’t really believe it was happening. Only it did. Thanks to Winson and Holly at Warner Brothers, not only did I get to sit in the Metallicar, I spent well over an hour watching a director I have admired for a long time, Kim Manners, work and it was fucking awesome. Meeting and talking to him? Great. Watching him work? Amazing. That and getting a chance to see what the guys in FX do up close were the best things about that trip. Plus, you know, meeting the guys in person wasn’t exactly torturous either. I don’t know how I ever got lucky enough to get such a wonderful opportunity but I’m forever grateful.

Joss strokes the new SERENITY DVD while speaking at Comic-Con 07.3. Comic Con: There are a lot of reasons this one is here. At first I was going to list them separately but they all came about because of the one event so I figured it deserved full recognition. So, why was it so memorable? First and foremost, because I got to spend a full five days with Jody! I love Jody and I love spending time with her so I’m so happy we got to attend Comic Con together. Especially since it meant listening to Joss talk for an hour. What could be better than listening to Joss with Jo? He is the man that brought us together, so to speak. It seems so… right. Of course, meeting him would have been even better but I can’t continue to hold a grudge against seat42 just because I didn’t stay glued to his side. Which brings me to the next great thing about CC this year… hanging out with Ducky, Kath, and Seat not to mention meeting and having dinner with a bunch of other fellow TV bloggers. They really are some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet. And we have a lot of fun other so that helps. Then there was experiencing the pilots of Pushing Daisies and Chuck with their respective casts. There’s something great about seeing how happy a cast is to have their show liked by a room full of geeks. Not to mention the re-enacting of a certain scene for us… yes, I’m well aware my crush on Zac Levi (not to mention why I’ve always been more accepting of Joshua Gomez than most) began at that very moment. And, finally, last but definitely not least was finally being able to give Spads a hug myself.

Those are my top three and I let myself get wordy with them but I’ll try to keep it brief about the last four:

4. The Gilmore Girls Say Goodbye: After a season that left me actually hoping the series would end before I fell completely out of love with it, everyone involved with the show managed a great ending. I have no idea how ASP intended for it to end but I almost don’t care. I liked that the finale was more about the relationship at the core of the show, Lorelai and Rory, than any other relationship. And, like the VM finale, I liked that the end wasn’t really an end at all.

5. Moving Out of The OC: Another show, another finale done right. I never thought I’d miss this show as much as I do. I know I have other Josh Schwartz shows to help fill the void but there can never be another Ryan and Seth. I loved those two and their friendship. Though I usually hate it when shows flash forward in time in a finale, I think this show handled it well and it was a nice way to say goodbye to the Cohens. Especially since we got to see Ryan come full circle with one last shot of that continuity crack The OC was so good at doling out.

6. Getting Burned on the Side: After losing so many of my favorites in one fell blow, I was ready to find a few fun summer shows that would make me laugh and help me move on. That’s exactly what I got with Burn Notice and Side Order of Life. Other people are extolling the wonder of Mad Men but I must admit that I prefer Michael’s spy humor (and tips) and the mysterious Cell Phone Guy. What can I say… I’ve never claimed to be all that deep.

7. Embracing Damages: As I said, the last thing I wanted this summer was a serious drama to suck me in and that’s exactly why I ran the other way when I saw the Damages promos. It just looked way too… serious for me. I wanted fluff and fun and light-heartedness. Oh how wrong I was. Because Damages is way too good and thrilling NOT to watch. If you avoided it like I did, I’m telling you now that you owe it to yourself to give it a shot. Lucky for you, you’ll be able to mainline it like I did. In some ways I don’t regret not watching it at first if only because the wait between episodes would have driven me crazy during the summer. Watching each one, one right after another, is totally worth the time. Although, if I’m honest, I’d say that it wasn’t as though I had a choice. It sucks you and won’t let you go until you’ve watched every last second. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for the second season.

There you go, that’s my list. Some of them are obviously very personal but others are things I think at least a few of you would probably list as well. So? What would you list?

PS: I didn’t feel this belongs on the list yet since it hasn’t actually happened but, as honorable mention as the most memorable TV NEWS I got in 2007, is Joss and Eliza announcing that they’d be working on a new show together for FOX, Dollhouse.

6 Responses to “Rae’s Top 7 Memorable TV Moments of 2007”

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    Stella says:

    I thought the Gilmore Girls series finale did a fine job of wrapping things up as well. I have no idea how they managed to pull that off since they were negotiating with the stars for another season (or half a season) to wrap things up properly. The only thing missing was Jess (which would have been a nice touch given they gave Logan the boot earlier).

    My favorite TV moment was Hurley ramming the Others with the van and the flash forward ending of last season’s Lost.

  2. 2
    Ducky says:

    Awe, thanks for the shoutout on the Comic-Con portion. It’s one of my favorite moments of the year as well. I loved hanging out with all of you and I too heart Just Jody from Canada.

    Glad to see Veronica on the list. I left her off my Top TV because of the uneven season but that in no way means that it didn’t break my heart to see it go nor that I don’t love it as much as I always did.

    I’ve missed your posts but I completely understand the break!

  3. 3
    Rae says:

    Oooh, good pick, Stella. I had forgotten about Hurley ramming the Others with the fan. The flash forwards probably should be on my list too.

    I agree about Jess. I didn’t really like what they had done with Logan and that’s probably the one area where I think things should have been different. But, as I said, the show was really about mother and daughter so the lack of perfection with the other relationships didn’t bother me as much as not giving us a nice resolution for the two women would have.

  4. 4
    Rae says:

    Ducky, of course! And funny that I didn’t realize until now that two of my favorite moments of the year included you.

    I can see why V was left of your list (and everyone’s really) but I just loved the way the show ended too much not to give it the top slot on mine.

    And, awww, thanks for saying that. It’s been a little “advent” focused around these parts lately but I’ll be back to regular posting soon!

  5. 5
    Just Jody says:

    Aww. CC / LA and my 5 days with you, and meeting the bloggers is WAY up there on my top of 2007 too! *hugs u*

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