TV Advent: Day 23, Sketching the Holidays   

RTVW TV Advent Calendar Day 23 There’s nothing better than sitting around the Christmas tree with your family laughing your ass off. My sisters and I are usually up chatting late at night which means we’re often up and watching Saturday Night Live together.

Over the years SNL has had some great holiday sketches. I wish they were all available online or even on one DVD. Sadly they aren’t (ok, there is one, but it’s missing some of the newer skits) but I did manage to scrounge a few of them for you. So, have some laughs…

Living Nativity:

Carl Sagan’s Global Warming Christmas Special:
Christmas Time for the Jews:
Mark Jensens Family Christmas:
D*ck in a Box:
Two A-Holes Buying a Tree:

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