TV Advent: Day 17, You’re a Mean One   

RTVW TV Advent Calendar Day 17If you’re like me, then you’ve had your fair share of Grinch-like days during the holidays. You know, those days where you can’t stand to hear one more Christmas carol and shopping woes make you want to take everything back and keep all the refunds for yourself. Yeah, those days.

And when I’m having one of those days (like I was this weekend), I remind myself that even the Grinch came around in the end and at least all he had to do was pick the trash for the presents he stole. Going back out and re-shopping is not nearly as easy. So, in honor of my Grinch-y weekend and the Green One himself, here’s a video devoted to him:

Color your own Grinch scene online at: 
And, if that didn’t get you in a better mood, you can always go color a Grinch and Cindy-Lou scene at Seussville. Coloring always makes me feel better. (Yes. I am really a 4 year old deep down inside.)

If coloring isn’t your thing (and why not?!), they’ve got a bunch of other activities too.

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