Getting List-y on a Monday   

You know I really thought I was ready for the holidays this year. We had more time between Thanksgiving and Christmas and I actually got some presents early. I was all set to be cruising right along with my normal routine. Yeah. Silly pipe dreams.

Thank goodness for the TV Advent Calendar… it’s forced me to keep up with the blog and I’ve needed that. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been watching TV. It’s the commenting I haven’t been able to fit into my schedule. And my guilt over not commenting leads me to not posting about the miscellaneous other things I’ve got saved into a file. It’s a snowball thing. How apropos.

But no more! It’s Monday. I got all but one of my out-of-town presents in the mail and I feel like celebrating that momentous occasion with a list:

  • Vote for your People’s Choice now!It’s the People’s Choice & I Can’t Decide: What do I do?! All three of my new favorite comedies are finalists in the Favorite New TV Comedy People’s Choice category. Do I go with Pushing Daisies which I adore? Or Chuck that makes me love it more with every new episode? Then there’s Samantha Who which really is laugh out loud funny. Decisions, decisions. I have a similar problem with the finalists in the Favorite New TV Drama category: Private Practice, Moonlight, and Gossip Girl. Oh well, at least I have some time to decide. Don’t forget to cast your vote by January 8th!
  • Moonlight (Silent) Serenade: Speaking of Moonlight (well, I did mention it!), tell me that the lack of voiceovers in last week’s episode didn’t make it that much better? Or was that just Dohring’s bare chest? Although there was still one very painfully badly acted scene. Still, they’re all definitely finding their ground and people really have embraced this show more than I ever could have predicted (or did). And, for those of you who missed it, Jason Dohring did a teleconference with several bloggers last week. Check out GMMR’s write up for what he had to say.
  • Getting Lost Early: The Lost season three DVD set came out last week along with ABC’s announcement that, unlike FOX with 24, they are going to air the 8 episodes they have completed (and earlier than planned to boot!). I hear we’ll be left with one hell of a cliffhanger if that’s all we get too! Lost will be moving to Thursday nights when it returns January 31st @ 9PM. In case you haven’t seen it, be sure to watch the season 4 trailer online.
  • Hero-ific: Heroes day on the picket lines was last Tuesday and the pictures I’ve seen make me wish I had been there. Eric from IGN was, though, and he got interviewed with both Tim Kring and Kristen Bell. Both are well worth a read. (Also, here are some pictures of the Heroes cast at the Jules Verne Festival this past weekend.)
  • Recently Released: Two new DVDs that hit the streets December 4th were Wallace and Gromit: Three Amazing Adventures and Love’s Unending Legacy. Get “Wallace and Gromit: Three Amazing Adventures” and “Loves Unending Legacy” on DVD today!The Wallace and Gromit DVD includes three 30 minute Oscar winning and nominated claymation shorts with commentary and two never before seen episodes of Shaun the Sheep! Love’s Unending Legacy, the fifth installment of Janette Oke’s best-selling books, is an inspiring story of faith and fortitude in the Western frontier. Give ‘em a looksie!

Ok, I should probably stop there. I have more but I need stuff to post later in the week. Plus, any day now I plan to talk about how fantastic A Very Supernatural Christmas was and how Jeff Probst is insane to think this last season of Survivor was one of their best seasons.

PS: For those of you waiting on Spads’ final installment about the Chuck photoshoot, she had to go out of town unexpectedly last weekend so there’s been a slight delay in getting it done. She should be home soon and she’ll get it up as soon as she can. Sorry about the wait and thanks for being patient!

2 Responses to “Getting List-y on a Monday”

  1. 1
    GMMR says:

    I too was happy at the lack of opening VOs on Moonlight, but I was still distracted and irked by Alex’s “inside my head exposition” during a few scenes. That show needs to do away with ALL kinds of VOs. They are just too distracting.

    But Jason Dohring shirtless…now, I wasn’t prepared for that!

  2. 2
    afrocurl says:

    I forgot that there weren’t too many VOs this week on Moonlight, too. But they were a nice thing not to have, actually. However, one can never have too much shirtless Jason. ;)

    I should try to remember some of the stuff about the stakes that I asked him about, too. DAMN!

    The Heroes panel was pretty good (even if I ended up with bad pictures for the most part.