As Seen by Rae: Chickens, Blackmailers, & Bridesmaids! Oh My!   

I know I have other things to post about but it feels like forever since I’ve actually rambled about TV (probably because it has been forever) so that’s just what I’m going to do. I’m finally all caught up on things and didn’t even have to do too much juggling last night.

I am, however, going to put it all after the jump below for those who are behind. I’ll stick to Sunday night shows so expect talk about last night’s Amazing Race (and a little about last week’s), Desperate Housewives, and Brothers & Sisters.

The Amazing Race
Lorena gets frustrated when she can’t milk her camel on THE AMAZING RACE.I have to admit that the legs this season have been lacking something here at the beginning. I can’t figure out if that’s always been the case or if it’s just that I usually have one or two favorites by now and, therefore, pay more attention to where my favorites are and less to what they’re actually doing. Either way, the legs are rather lacking. It seems like they’ve hardly moved each episode. Combine that with tasks that aren’t that exciting and it leaves me wanting more from my favorite reality show.

That said, it is still my favorite so I’ve got plenty to say. First up, I know other people liked ‘em but I was quite happy to see Lorena and Jason go this episode. I felt bad for them there at the end but the Lorena we got last week proved that they weren’t long for this race and thank goodness for that. I’m perfectly happy to never sit through another Lorena meltdown again. Plus, you know, I felt like the U-Turn thing was balanced out by their beating out Marianna and Julia last week after those girls actually helped them finish the camel milking task.

Of course that means Shana and Jennifer probably have some karma waiting for them as well. Not that I blame them at all. I think it’s completely fair to use all of the options available to you in this kind of race. And I love the U-Turn vs the Yield. It definitely seems like a much more sporting way to delay a team because it still gives that team a fighting chance rather than having to cool their heels for thirty minutes. We can’t be sure how long it took Jason and Lorena to do the second Detour task but I’m guessing it wasn’t that long. The problem was that they were already so far behind the teams to begin with that they really didn’t have a chance to catch up. (The editing tried to make it seem like they did but they arrived at both the Detour location and the Roadblock location long after the other teams had left.)

Uhh, what else? Oh! How could I forget Jennifer and her ridiculous whining? If I don’t have any favorites in this race (more on that to come), I definitely have at least one team that I can’t wait to see gone and that’s Nathan and Jennifer. Their bickering stresses me out but Jennifer’s tears about coming in second and her assertation that everyone should have their moment to come in first was the last straw. Really, Jennifer? Would you and Nathan have stood back and let some other team win if you had gotten there first? I think not. This is a race… what happened to winning this race like “freaking men”??

And finally, can I talk about how weird it is not to have any favorites so far this year? If I had to pick, I’d say I like Kynt/Vyxsin the most but I’m not really sold on their racing abilities. That makes it hard to root for them. This is both good and bad. The good thing is that I don’t sit through every race anxious for my favorites to arrive at the mat. The bad thing is that I don’t sit through every race anxious for ANY team to arrive at the mat. As much as I hate worrying about my favorites week to week, that’s what makes the race so great. Hopefully I’ll start getting more attached to people now that the numbers are dropping.

Desperate Housewives
Lynette and her mother exchange words on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.First of all, can I just say, THANK GOD Victor is alive? It kinda sucks for Gaby and Carlos and I’m sure it’ll be annoying as soon as he uses it to keep Gaby and Carlos apart, but I was dreading dealing with the idea that Gaby and Carlos had killed him. And, shut up, for some reason them leaving him for dead isn’t as bad as him actually being dead.

Second, I must say that I just don’t care about Lynette and her mother (actually, I do care but I found my attention drifting during those scenes). It feels like her story is all over the map this season which is about par for the course when it comes to Lynette and Tom. I think they burned through the cancer (bad, bad joke) too quickly and now they are back to not really having a story for her. Although, I do like that it at least this keeps this year’s theme about what the things mothers do for their children.

I can’t decide if what I liked best about this episode was Bree and Andrew’s heart to heart or the men and their use of the secrets they know for “favors.” Heh. I loved how it all came full circle there when Mike admitted to Orson that the pills were from the hit and run accident. Although, didn’t he admit earlier it was from a job he did? I was a little confused there because I could have sworn that both he and Orson knew what happened in the hit and run. I couldn’t remember if they’ve never actually said anything and that’s why they continued to play the game there or if I was remembering wrong. For a minute I wondered why Mike hadn’t gone to Orson in the first place but I don’t think he planned the whole thing out. He just realized what he could do once he had some leverage over Adam. Either way, I don’t want to overanalyze it because it made me laugh and reminded me of how it was the men of Wisteria Lane that I liked the most last year. However, it was also great to finally see Bree and Andrew communicating… for what seems like the first time in their lives. Who knew they’d turn out to have the most mature mother-child relationship in this show?!

Next week we get a natural disaster episode and I’m a little unsure about it. There are times when this show veers a little too far from Wisteria Lane into Melodrama Lane. Let’s hope this upcoming tornado doesn’t blow them off course that much.

Brothers & Sisters
Robert surprises Kitty on BROTHERS & SISTERS.This freaking show makes me cry EVERY WEEK. I hate it but I love it, oh so much. For some reason I thought we were seeing the actual wedding this week and I suspect the promos are to blame for that. I love that Rebecca finally got her backbone back. Holly was right. She needs to just be herself. In a way she’s a lot more like the rest of the Walkers when she’s saying what she thinks without worrying about hurting their feelings. I actually liked the blue dresses but it was still great that she finally just told Kitty that she didn’t like them and that she should wear the wedding dress she wants to wear. Good thing it was conveniently on sale, eh?

I will say that I find the timeline on this show a bit confusing. They don’t do too much to help us figure out how long it’s been between episodes so I get a little lost at times. It didn’t feel like there’s been a few weeks between this episode and the last. Obviously there have given Justin’s comments about his rehab and all the other things that were going on but emotionally it felt like everyone was still at the same place as last week. That’s not unheard of but it does make it hard to follow when you’re watching week to week. It felt like a lot of storylines jumped ahead at a fast pace this week and it was a bit jarring.

That said, with the changing of partners that happened in this episode, I expect the actual wedding episode to be one hell of a ride. Any Walker gathering is ripe for disaster and I’m sure Kitty and Robert’s wedding will be no different! I can’t wait.

On my schedule for tonight: Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, Aliens in America, Heroes, and Samantha Who?

Also starting tonight: The second season of Notes from the Underbelly on ABC at 9:30PM. I don’t watch this show but, after talking to some of the very nice writers of the show on the picket line last week, I definitely want to give it a mention. If you’ve got nothing else to watch after Samantha Who why not give it a shot.

3 Responses to “As Seen by Rae: Chickens, Blackmailers, & Bridesmaids! Oh My!”

  1. 1
    Stella says:

    RE: Desperate Housewives–the round robin blackmailing and the scene with Andrew were my favorite parts of the show as well! And I was sure that Mike knew it was Orson who ran him down–didn’t they have a knock-down, drag-out fight last season on top of the hospital parking garage ending in Orson jumping off the roof and hurting his leg? Or am I making this all up?

  2. 2
    Rae says:

    I saw that on your blog after I posted! And, that’s right! I knew there was some kind of confrontation last season about the hit-and-run thing, I just couldn’t remember what it was exactly. You’re absolutely right about the garage thing. So I guess that means Mike was just being cagey with Orson there at the end. Except it really didn’t come off that way. I wonder if it’s just a continuity error or something that was played the wrong way and couldn’t be fixed later?

  3. 3
    Stella says:

    I couldn’t figure that out either. It was just last season so it’s not like the show bible is so thick that it slipped past the writers. Also, Mike had been complaining that he wrenched his shoulder while doing a plumbing job. This (with Orson) was the first time he blamed it on being hit by a car–so it seems it was deliberate on his part.