Don’t Forget…   

Wow. I disappeared for a while there, eh? A side effect of vacation. When your work chains you to a computer 8 hours a day, it’s easy to get into the habit of NOT turning on a computer. Anyway. Time to get back into the habit and I’ve got a few quick reminders for you before I do a quick write up of my time in LA.

First up, don’t forget about tonight’s 2-hour Battlestar Galatica: Razor at 9PM on SCI-FI! Greg’s been bringing you sneak peeks for several weeks now so hopefully you’ve been waiting for this night!

Also, Nikke Finke got these exclusive Project “Speechless” videos put together by WGA members featuring A-list SAG talent. If you haven’t been checking them out, you should. My favorite is #6 as it’s exactly what was I expecting when I heard about the videos. Although… #1 is pretty great too. Anyway, take a gander when you get a chance:

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    afrocurl says:

    Thanks for linking to these, Rae. Really interesting stuff they’re doing.