Musing on Why Some TV Isn’t “Must Watch Immediately” TV   

Status Check: Best in Week still not done. I have, however, finally caught up on all of my TV… just in time to fall behind while I’m on vacation. FX made me very happy by picking up Damages for two more seasons.

Remember how I used to say that I liked Jericho while I was watching it but never exactly got excited to see it each week. I have discovered that I feel the same way about Prison Break. I can’t quite figure out why. I actually thought last week’s Prison Break double-header was great. So much so that I wanted to see the next episode immediately. Of course, now it’s Monday and we’re less than two hours away from the next episode and I don’t mind that I’ll have to wait until next week to see it.

What causes that? And hold the smart ass answers about how it’s because the show has lost something because, whether or not that’s true, I’ve always been this way about Prison Break. It’s why I was able to walk away from it during much of the last half of season one.

I wonder if it’s the subject/setting of the show that can make a big difference? In the case of Prison Break, it’s not exactly uplifting to watch these guys in prison. Especially this year’s prison. And I really only care about one or two characters which seems to be a huge factor as well. I’m interested to see what happens next but I don’t need to know what’s going on with these characters like I do on other shows. I’m sure combining those two things makes it even worse.

Does anyone else have shows like this? Or do you just stop watching? Because that’d probably be the smarter thing to do, eh?

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    Polter-Cow says:

    My waiting shows are Prison Break and Smallville. I think part of it is that, yeah, we don’t really care about the characters so much even though we want to know what happens next. Another factor is that not many other people I know watch and discuss those shows, so there isn’t that impetus to watch ASAP.

    It’s the latter that’s more important, I think. Because I delay Weeds too, even though I like the characters. But there’s no rush, since I don’t have specific people I want to talk about it with.

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