Exclusive: Rob Thomas Remaking Cupid!   

Veronica Mars fans have eagerly been waiting to hear what Rob Thomas’s next project would be. After dazzling the world with Cupid and Veronica Mars, what new show would he bring us?

Well, it turns out everything old is new again, because Rob’s next project is…Cupid. ABC just bought a pilot script for a remake of the 1998 series about the god of love (or is he?) charged to bring together 100 couples so he can return to Mount Olympus (or a mental institution?).

That is literally all I know at this time. Clearly, this was the “awesome development news” that has been in the works for the last month or so. Hopefully, we’ll soon hear more about the possibilities of this development from the man himself.

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    Spadada says:

    Amazing news. I can not wait to hear more about it. I want to read the script, but I am REALLY curious about the main cast. Who will be the new Trevor, Claire, and Champ? Or will the idea be totally re-tooled with new characters?

    Good old, Rob Thomas, always with the unexpected twist!

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    Rae says:


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    molly h says:

    i never saw the orignal ‘cupid’ but i’m mos def a *hug* fan of veronica mars and rob thomas, so this is very exciting… it’d be a interesting to see a other cancelled shows ten years later – i’m glad thomas is getting the opportunity. hopefully we’ll see a vmars actor or two turn up! (maybe if moonlight doesn’t make it, jason dohring?)

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    Polter-Cow says:

    Something even more surprising: it was ABC’s idea to do the remake! Which makes the chances they’ll pick it up a little better, I imagine.

    Rob also sold an adaptation of a New Zealand series called Outrageous Fortune, and he still has the Party Down pilot to shop around, so chances are good Rob will have a series on the air next fall.

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    Mmm, I always like the idea of Cupid and it was a good show, not great, certainly no Veronica Mars. But he caught lightning is a bottle once with Piven I’m not sure who could fill those shoes. Granted he caught lighning in the bottle twice with Kristen Bell so why not three.

    And I now this isn’t the New York Times but where your source?

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    Polter-Cow says:

    The following e-mail:

    ABC has bought a pilot script for a remake of CUPID from me.

    Happened officially tonight.

    I’m wary of a Piven-less, Marshall-less Cupid too, but like you said, he seems to be good at the lightning game.

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    tzikeh says:

    Cupid is right up there on my top five list of completely unjustified, poorly-thought-out, FUCKED-UP cancellations. But I have… mixed feelings about the idea of a remake. First of all, it’s ABC bought this – the network that destroyed it in the first place. Second, what set Cupid a cut above (at least for me) were two things:

    1) Piven. He did an enormous amount of ad-libbing, and his unique sense of humor zinged the show from being a great concept with good actors into the stratosphere of Outstanding Television.

    2) It was shot on location (disclaimer: I live in Chicago). Wasn’t it nice to see a show that was clearly filmed somewhere *other* L.A., or New York (or SeaCouver or Toronto pretending to be other places)? Wasn’t it nice to see guest actors you hadn’t seen on *every other television show*? Wasn’t it nice to see 21″ of snow and characters wobbling about in full-on down parkas rather than people walking about in “Chicago” in light autumn coats in February?

    Plus Rob Thomas gave an interview a few years ago in which explained his entire Cupid game plan, up to and including and how he was going to end it. So he’ll either have to radically change the five-year arc he originally intended or the die-hard Cupid fans who followed Marshall’s website may be turned off by the idea of tuning into a television show they’ve already seen, in a sense.

    So – my yin/yang is set at yay/meh.

    (Also for reasons known only to me and to a scant few others, Cupid is irrevocably wrapped up in the dueSouth Ray Wars, which is an added bitter taste in my mouth.)

    Then again, hey, it could rule. But I’m not holding my breath.

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    Rae says:

    That makes me so happy to hear, P-C.

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    ziriko says:

    Is the interview Rob Thomas gave about Cupid’s planned ending still up anywhere? I didn’t know there was one >_>.

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    Yahtzee says:

    As much as I loved “Cupid,” I think this is probably a mistake. The original cast was wonderful, and I’m not convinced they’ll do better than Jeremy Piven for the lead. Also, I would prefer for Rob Thomas not to get mired like Joss Whedon in the constant revisiting of old projects instead of creating new ones. Rob Thomas has tons of talent, and I’m sure he has more than two ideas for series. I’d like to see something fresh from him.

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    Spadada says:

    Yahtzee, he is working on a new series. It is called Party Down and it is about two “cater-waiters” who have been trying to make it as actors for many years without success and do not realize that they are well past their expiration dates. The pilot (which was co-written with Paul Rudd and which Rob financed himself) featured Adam Scott and Ken Marino in the leads as well as lots of familiar faces from past Rob Thomas projects. He has been shopping the series around all summer and is hoping to garner the interest of one of the major cable networks.

    The show sounds hilarious and Rob gets very excited and animated when he talks about it. Though I think the Cupid remake could be very interesting, I think this show is his real passion.

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    Stella says:

    I was also distraught when this show was abruptly canceled by ABC. Ironic that they’re being given a second shot to broadcast it after they @#$% up so royally last time around. However, I’m not sure how much I will love the re-make without Jeremy Piven. Still, it should be worth a look…

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    Vinity says:

    I’m totally excited. I adored this show. It’s in my top 3 shows that that broke my heart cancelled. I agree Piven was brilliant and will be hard to replace but I have trust in Rob Thomas and I always adored the concept of this show. I want to see it given a new chance.

    That said, does this completely kill any chance of the original coming out on DVD? I missed taping the very first ep and my other tapes long since wore out :( I don’t even have a VCR anymore. :(

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    kate says:

    Is the “Outrageous Fortune” rumour still go? Because I haven’t heard anything really recent about it… Just wondering if that’s still definitely going to happen? Because in my personal catalogue of Greatest Shows Ever on Tevelsion (sitting alongside Veronica Mars, Firefly, Heroes, Buffy and Battlestar Galactica) is Outrageous Fortune. It’s not only the best TV show New Zealand has EVER made, it’s just damn good. I’m really, really, REALLY excited to hear that Rob is developing the US version, and please tell me that he’s DEVELOPING it, and not making a (hopelessly inferior) carbon copy of the show like the UK did with “Honest”.

    I have all fingers and toes crossed that this rumour is (still) true and that Rob is making the US version. It’s a really meaty premise with loads of potential – and if we’re talking about him working with Jason Dohring again, sink your teeth into this -the Outrageous Fortune format (as copied by Honest) has one actor playing twins. One is a dim-witted loser with a heart of gold, the other is a smug, conniving mummy’s boy. The role is played to perfection by Antony Starr in the NZ version (as evidenced by all his awards) but it’s just the type of role Dohring would excel at.

    Bring it on, Rob. I eagerly await your version of my beloved show. (Also, if you can, stick with a Shakespearean title/themes.) Meanwhile, everyone else, get your hands on the NZ version of the show cause it frakking ROCKS.

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    Meryl says:

    I just REALLY wish VM would come back… so bummed….

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    texasflo says:

    It’s gonna be a completely new audience making the choices. A new guy playing Cupid could also help not hurt.
    Us old Cupid fans will watch irregardless, giving it a chance and probably get hooked due to Thomas’s quality writting.