NBC Plans New and Improved Model of “Knight Rider”   

KITT may be returning to TV soon.Variety is reporting that Ben Silverman, over at NBC, wants to revive Knight Rider.

That should make me very happy. Not only did I love the original, Doug Liman, who has been asked to produce the show and is open to directing the two-hour backdoor pilot that they hope to air as a telepic later this season, is one of my favorite action directors. So why aren’t I more excited?

It’s just… well I’m too sure about this weird Transformer/Knight Rider hybrid they are describing there. It has the potential to be AWESOME but also a train car wreck. Television has come a long way and I had to buy into a talking car years ago so why shouldn’t I buy that technology has advanced enough to now have a talking car that transforms?

Look at me convincing myself that it makes sense. I just hope that it all exists in the world Michael and K.I.T.T already created. In other words, unlike the new Bionic Woman, I hope that this show is the new generation and not a re-invention Michael and K.I.T.T. Some things are sacred! (Sorry Lindsay Wagner! I actually think you’re sacred too and would have liked it more if YOU were the first bionic woman and not Katee.)

But back to what’s keeping me from truly appreciating the news… that Ben Silverman didn’t read my idea for reviving Knight Rider back when we were guessing the TV themes:

A remake of Knight Rider with Jennifer Garner would rock my world!

Before you jump on me for being delusional, I’m well aware the chances of getting Jennifer for the role would be slim. But I am not kidding when I say that I would absolutely watch a new version of Knight Rider that starred a female. I still want the car to be male but, as much as I like eye candy, I want to see a female behind the wheel! Think of the fun you could have with a Hasselhoff guest appearance if the knew Knight Rider were a hot woman?! Alas, it’s not to be.

Not that I won’t check out NBC’s version because y’all know I won’t be able to resist it.


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