Follow Along with ‘Heroes’ World Tour   

Zachary Quinto (Sylar), Dania Ramirez (Maya), and James Kyson Lee (Ando) are taking on NYC in the 'Heroes' World Tour. You can follow along with the Heroes World Tour over at NBC’s website. It’s pretty cool and I can’t wait to see pictures from each stop along the way.

Also, don’t forget that Heroes Season 1 is now out on DVD! Look at how cool the set looks… you know you want one. I haven’t gotten mine yet but you can bet your bum that I’ll have it before the week is over.

And, completely unrelated to the rest of this post except that she posted about the Heroes panel, my girl (Just) Jody (From Canada) is back from her various summer trips and has been posting about our adventures at Comic-Con. Be sure to drop by and check out what she’s been saying!

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