HIMYM Reminiscing: Barney’s Top 10 Names for Ted’s Truck   

A little less than a month until the new season of How I Met Your Mother and I can NOT wait!! I love this show. And I love Barney. I know I’m probably jinxing it by bringing it up but I really hope Neil Patrick Harris wins an Emmy. There’s no one else I could picture as Barney and he is part of the reason the show never fails to amuse me.

Last night’s repeat was the one where Ted and Robin have decided to move in together and Barney steals the moving truck so Ted won’t be able to go through with it (Season 2, “Moving Day”). So many funny parts but I love Barney’s Top 10 names for the truck:

Tell me his impression of David Letterman isn’t great! The little “hee hee hee” after, “#3: The Esca-Laid.” AWESOME. Then the glass shattering at the end… oh the love I have for this segment is LEGEN – wait for it — DARY!

Ted: Barney
Barney: This isn’t Barney… but I hear that guy’s awesome.

I can’t wait to see what they come up with this season. The first peeks we’ve gotten so far have only increased my excitement. I’m not a huge Mandy Moore fan but I kinda like the looks of her and Ted together in those promo pictures. Can’t we just fast-forward to the week of Sept. 24th?

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