Reality Roundup: ‘Top Chef’ Goes Home, ‘On the Lot’ Wraps, & More   

My TV viewing this week has been abnormally slow. It feels weird not to have two episodes of So You Think You Can Dance to watch and this week’s finale of On the Lot was rather pointless but at least it’s finally over. Soon I might actually be able to keep up with my shows… just in time to start all over again with the new Fall season. Round and round we go!

In an effort to get back into my routine of show commentary, I thought I’d cover some of my reality shows from the past week. Let’s start with some news items first:

  • BB8's Daniele and Amber on 'Power of Ten' with Drew CareyAs was revealed on Tuesday’s episode of Big Brother 8, Daniele and Amber won a trip out of the house and the chance to be contestants on CBS’ Power of Ten this past week. Well that episode of Power of Ten will be airing this upcoming Tuesday, August 28th at 8PM. Tune in to see how far the girls made it!
  • The first episode of Anchorwoman just last night and already FOX has canceled it. Way to give it a chance, huh? Then again, this is FOX, so why am I even the least bit surprised?
  • NBC is reviving American Gladiators. Really? I know that article says NBC’s interest in the property predates Silverman taking over but I’m sure the decision to go ahead with it now is in now way related to the fact that Silverman’s company, Reveille, will be involved with the production. Right? Right.

Ok, on to some actual show commentary… be forewarned that the rest of this post will contain spoilers for shows that have aired this past week.

On the Lot
Well, I don’t really know what to say. I didn’t like this show at first but then I got drawn in despite everyone else I know dropping it. I liked pretty much all of the directors who made it to the finals and, if you did stop watching, you missed some great gems there at the end. However, the show really fizzled out again with the last three shows. First the final three didn’t have to make one last movie, they just had to pick two of their previous movies to remind voters of what they can do. And the two-part finale was just a rehash of everything we’d seen before. So, in other words, we essentially had three weeks of nothing new! What a rip-off!!

In the end, Will won and I can’t really argue it even though I liked Sam better and I suspect Jason must have had a lot of friends and family voting for him to get to the final three. The other thing that was really kind of crappy about the finale? It was obvious Will already knew he had won since there’s no way they had him drive over to DreamWorks LIVE. Grrr. What the hell is that about? Spielberg couldn’t have just come to the set for the reveal? It was stupid. Especially the fake, “Let’s go take a look at your office.” Ok, whatever.

I’m glad I stayed with the show because I did enjoy several of the little “movies” we got but I’m also glad that there’s no way FOX is ever bringing that show back again. And, yes, that may be the ONLY time I’m ever grateful to them for canceling a show.

Top Chef
You guys, I’m so sad! I loved Tre. He was my pick to win this season and I was heartbroken the minute I realized Restaurant April was the one who produced the dish the judges said was the worst they’d ever had (as seen in the commercials and teases for the show for the past week). Until that moment, I was holding out hope that the editors were featuring Tre so much because he had won this challenge. Sigh.

And you know what really sucks? Tre was responsible for all the stuff the judges didn’t like about their restaurant but he was also responsible for the one thing they did like! Grrr. I mean, it was pretty obvious he was going to be screwed because he was Executive Chef and therefore responsible for all the food but I didn’t think he was actually going to be the one doing EVERYTHING. So, at the end of the day, I think it was a fair decision but I also hate that one screwup ends up eliminating one of the best chefs of the competition.

I already liked CJ but the way he was upset over Tre’s elimination made me love him. Granted, he was partially at fault for what happened but he also recognizes that Tre should have been there to the end. And, yeah, yeah, I know I’m biased but I don’t care!!! There’s just no one else I really care about making it to the end at the moment. I’m sure there will be in a week or two, after I’ve let go of my hopes and dreams for Tre.

What else? I will say that the other team did step it up and really improved on the job they did before. They weren’t that much better at working as a team (in the sense that they were still clashing in the kitchen) but they sucked it up and did it anyway. So, kudos to them.

And now we have to wait two weeks before we get another new episode. Why does BRAVO like to torture me this way?

Ok, I think that’s it. I’m sure there was more — like how I didn’t think the Branson interview lived up to the hype on The Colbert Report although I did like it in its own right — but I’m supposed to be cleaning out my car and, since I’m not writing this post from my car, I should be stepping to it. More later, if I remember the other stuff.

One Response to “Reality Roundup: ‘Top Chef’ Goes Home, ‘On the Lot’ Wraps, & More”

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    Spadada says:

    CJ is a class act. No matter how they edit the footage you can tell that he respects Tre as a chef and a person and that he felt guilty that his colleague was sent home.

    I was lucky enough to interact with him recently:

    Me (after this week’s show): “I want you to win. Just showing my support.”

    CJ: Thank you very much. I hope I didn’t look like too much of a douche last night.”

    LOL. I told him he didn’t. Far from it actually. SO GLAD YOU AGREE, RAE!