Don’t Miss ‘The Daily Show’ Reporting from Iraq & ‘The Colbert Report’ Branson Interview Tonight   

Do I even need to remind you guys about these things? The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has had Rob Riggle in Iraq this week. No, really. The real Iraq, not the green screen Iraq. You don’t want to miss it! It started off on Monday with Rob and Asif dueling it out from the two different Iraqs and then last night we got “Operation Fluffy Bunny”… so funny:

And tonight’s Colbert Report and interview with Virgin’s billionaire Richard Branson is sure to be… uh, interesting? Someone who was in the audience reported back and Media Bistro picked up the story. I was behind on my Bistro reading (really, it’s a good things emails can’t literally ‘stack up’ or you wouldn’t be able to see me behind all the emails I have been stockpiling for the past two weeks) so I hadn’t heard about it yet until Stephen himself brought it up on the show on Monday:

Come on, tell me that doesn’t make you want to see it too? You gotta love how Stephen just rolls with the punches.

So, tonight, on Comedy Central. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart @ 11PM and The Colbert Report @ 11:30PM.

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