Big Brother 8 Soapbox: WHAAAAmber   

Big Brother 8 Soapbox

I’ve been rather reticent about this season’s Big Brother. Don’t worry, I’m not unwell, just unimpressed with these houseguests. I get more “up in arms” over spats on my favorite BB forums than anything that’s actually happening in the house. That’s just sad. But, I feel the urge to pull out my BB8 Soapbox.

Amber on BB8... CRYINGMeet WHAAAAmber. She cries. ABOUT EVERYTHING. Literally. And I’m so over it. The incessant tears and weeping and wailing and whining need to stop. I’ll admit to thinking it was kind of funny the first… second… hell, even the third time. Now? It’s just tiresome. I know she’s the weakest player in the game but I keep hoping the others will ignore that and boot her arse out the door. Is that really too much to ask?

What’s even worse is that it’s not fake. The woman clearly has some very serious mental and emotional issues that she needs to deal with. How the hell she passed the BB psych test I’ll never understand. Don’t believe me? Watch this video, see what you think:

Sorry, sorry! I apologize for putting you through that. At least I didn’t use the video that keeps getting updated with new clips of the Weeper. It’s over five minutes long now. Oy.

So, BB8 Gods, I implore you… please get Amber out of that house before I’m reduced to tears!

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