Collecting TV Headlines: ‘Heroes’ Casting News   

I read a lot of TV news sites and blogs. And, naturally, there are times when they’re all reporting the same news item. Sometimes because it’s a hot ticket item and sometimes just because it’s a slow day in TV. To some degree, this is why I tend not to post TV news.  I’ll talk about news items that interest me or because they involve someone I’m particularly fond of but, otherwise, I just go read about it elsewhere.

Today’s news? Kristen Bell will be joining the cast of Heroes for a brief while this fall. I couldn’t be happier about it. Y’all know I heart KB. She’s been nothing but awesome to me every time I’ve met her (look at me act as if I know the woman!) but more importantly she brought me Veronica Mars. So, yes, I look forward to getting to see her on my TV screen again so soon. In fact, I hope they like her so much they keep asking her to come back.

But that’s not why I’m posting. No, no. You see, the one thing way I deal with having to read (read as: skim) the same story over and over again? Collecting the various headlines people use on the story. Some go for the obvious (I call these ”keyword headlines”) while others get more creative. Sometimes it works and sometimes? Not so much. Either way, it’s a game I enjoy and now I’m sharing it with you. Here are the various headlines today’s Heroes casting news generated:

There will be more, of course. These are just the ones showing up on my RSS reader at the moment. I think Televisionary’s ‘Casting Couch: Kristen Bell Powers Up for “Heroes”‘ is my favorite because not only does he manage to get all the important keywords in there (casting, kristen bell, heroes) he does it in a creative way.

And, mine? Well, I would have talked about how I am happy to finally know why Kristen turned down the Lost opportunity and how I think it was a smart move as Heroes is the more buzz worthy show at the moment, so I’d have gone with… Not ‘Lost’ After All, Bell Finds ‘Heroes’

What would your headline have read?

2 Responses to “Collecting TV Headlines: ‘Heroes’ Casting News”

  1. 1
    Spadada says:

    I love “Not ‘Lost’ Afterall…” Good one.

    I am having writer’s block on this one. I hate titling. I always used to ask others to help me with mine.

    OK. I got one, but it is a little but of a spoiler. So you’ll have to scroll.

    ‘Veronica Mars’ gets super powers: ‘Fanboys’ go BOOM

  2. 2
    Rae says:

    Haha… Aww, I like yours! The problem with mine is that you couldn’t use it if you already covered Bell turning down ‘Lost’ but yours is topical both now and for a future news item!

    Titling is one of my favorite things but it’s a challenge to combine creativity with a headlinle that people can understand even if they don’t read your article.