“Angel” & “Scarecrow & Mrs. King” Nostalgia   

Excuse this fluffball of a post but I’m trying to wrap up a project at work and everything is taking twice as long as I estimated. I’ve got several posts rattling around in my head from thoughts on last night’s Weeds to why Big Brother isn’t doing it for me this year to a look at the new Fall shows for this upcoming season. However, I don’t have the time that each of those topics deserve right now so, instead, I’m going to indulge in the feelings of TV nostalgia I’ve had lately.

Adventures in Pylea
Angel is excited that he can be out in the sunlight of Pylea in 'Through the Looking Glass.'TNT shows two episodes of Angel every morning at 6 and 7 AM. My schedule has been rather wonky lately but I managed to catch the 7AM showing yesterday, “Through the Looking Glass,” and realized just how much I love the gang in Pylea. First, we get Joss… dancing. Second, Angel in sunlight and loving it! Third, Fred!! And I kinda love Cordy as the Princess of Pylea.

One of the things I love about Joss’ shows is that I can always find something new to appreciate about them even when I’ve seen the episodes a hundred times. I can’t say that about many other shows even some that I love a great deal. Which is why I’m annoyed that there is an Angel Collector’s Set coming out. Grrr. I already have all five season on DVD. I don’t need this set but I want it.

Are you an Angel fan? If so, what are some of your favorite parts of the series and will you consider getting the Collector’s Set?

Amanda sees that the entire train is wearing red hats on 'Scarecrow & Mrs King'.“Hand it to the man in the red hat!”
Speaking of TV Shows on DVD, why the hell won’t Warner Brothers put out a DVD set for Scarecrow & Mrs. King? Don’t they understand how desperately I want it? I’ve seen the first five episodes recently and that’s just made me crave it more. I’d even be happy if some channel would re-air it. Is that too much to ask??

Amanda and Lee tied together on 'Scarecrow & Mrs King'I clearly have a thing for spy shows. I like the mix of adventure and intrigue I guess. It helps when there are good looking guys and women involved. Anyway. You know what I forgot about the pilot that cracks me up? The secret entrance to the office is through the closet! Ha. I think they eventually have a bunch of different entries but the backside of the closest that we see as Lee exits it in the first episode makes me smile. I tend to classify Joey and Pacey (from Dawson’s Creek) as my number one TV pairing but I think that honor actually goes to Lee and Amanda.

Warner Brothers Home Video, if you’re reading, I beg you to release this show on DVD! Pretty please?

PS: Thanks to this post, I can’t get the opening credits out of my head now!

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