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Just Jody, Contributor

Once known as Canadian TV Addict, I’d have to say that’s a pretty good three-word description of me – I’m Canadian (yes, we do have TV up here) and I tend to get addicted to my shows. TV is my drug of choice, but I’m not elitist and I like to experiment. I can loose myself in a good book buzz, I like to spice things up with movies, and there’s really no better high than a live music show.

After seeing the crop of TV Addicts online continue to grow, I felt lost and in need of a new identity. Recently dubbed Just Jody to avoid confusion at an event, I decided to try the name out here at the TV Whore and see how it fits. I think it might be Just right. So, what else is there to know about Just Jody besides I love TV, books & music? I work in desktop publishing (with a side of web publishing); I have a significant other who does not understand my TV addiction; I’m always late; I love summer; Joss has always been my master; and my idea of a perfect night out is a good movie and a good meal with good friends. Yep, I’m really that exciting.

And now for the mandatory TV Q’s:

The Top 5 TV on DVD sets I’d want on a desert island: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls, The O.C., Friends, Firefly

Name the one show on your DVR/PVR/TiVo that…

  • Has the coveted “Top Priority” spot: Chuck
  • Gets watched while it’s being recorded: Lost
  • Never gets watched live: Supernatural
  • Prompts, “What was I thinking?!” or “How’d this get taped?”: Huh? Why would I tape something that would prompt this reaction?
  • You will delete for space, even if you haven’t watched it: Movies. I record lots of movies and I’ll always sacrifice them over TV.
  • You never want to delete: This isn’t any particular show for me, instead it’s finale episodes.

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