I’m leaving on jet plane…   

It’s way too early to be up. Well, actually, it’s not so bad but two hours ago, when my alarm when off, I thought I was going to throw up. So, I’m at the Orlando Airport enjoying the last free wifi I’ll have today. I’m off to LA with a brief stopover in Kansas City. Then [info]cdn_tvaddict and I will jump in our car and attempt to get down to San Diego in time for the Lost panel. Yes, the craziness of Comic Con has begun!

I’ll be checking in throughout the weekend but I’m not sure how often. My schedule is already insane. However, as I get bored throughout the days, I’ll be checking in via Twitter.

The poor WB PR folks are working late late late this week getting ready for CC. I got the official WB schedule last night around 1AM. I know Roz already reported it but Jason WILL be at the Moonlight Screening/Panel. However, I’m sad to report that no signing is currently scheduled. Be sure to check by the WB booth on Friday to see if that changes. Other things? I can’t remember if he was listed before or not but Josh Schwartz will be at the Chuck screening and also signing at the WB booth on Friday afternoon. People who show up early to the Pushing Daisies get pie AND a free gift. (Wait. Now I will have to beat the rest of you there… Why am I telling you this one?!)

What else? Oh, Justin Hartley and Michael Rosenbaum are now on the schedule for the Smallville signing. However, Michael is NOT currently on the schedule to attend the screening/panel that evening.

Ok, my gate is suddenly teeming with people. I should probably wrap this up so I’ll be ready when it’s time to board.

But, first, one TV item… I Hate My 30s premieres tonight on VH1. You can actually get the first episode on iTunes for free (sorry for the lack of link, I have no time!) and, since I won’t be home tonight, that’s exactly what I did. I plan to watch on the plane ride because, really, who can resist a title like that?! It helps that I’m the demographic the show is talking about.

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    calturner says:

    Have a great time! Give J a hug from me. *many hugs*