I get to go home with dignity.   

Happy Monday! (Don’t worry, I haven’t been replaced by a pod-person, I’m just forty minutes from quitting time so my Monday really has gotten a lot happier at this point.)

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was a splendid mix of shopping, movies, hanging with friends, watching TV, and napping. And the best part? There was a trek to the Apple store on Friday night (something you would have known about had I remembered to tell y’all I signed up for a Twitter account last week) that ended with me being able to watch BB live feeds on my TV and they look AWESOME. I’m actually a little surprised by how great they look. So, while I was cleaning or bumming around the house this weekend, I had the live feeds on in the background instead of being glued to the computer screen. I LOVE IT.

I also saw Live Free or Die Hard this weekend. It was a good time although Transformers definitely beats it out as my favorite action flick of the summer. I don’t get the controversy over the title, though. It absolutely fits the concept of the movie so why is everyone going on and on about how it is a stupid title and doesn’t make sense?

But enough about the crap you could care less about and on to the TV I watched…

Big Brother 8: Food Comp & Nominations
As you might be able to tell, I’ve started my more serious watching of the feeds this past week. That means I’m about to get a lot more critical of the edited shows. I really hate it when they show things out of order. God knows why I care since it was all about making Jen look like the idiot that she is (don’t get me wrong, her being HOH this week is GREAT, but that doesn’t make her any less of an idiot) but it annoys me that they made it look like Dick went off on Jen and the guys made up their Jen drinking game AFTER the HOH competition.

The drinking game happened much earlier in the week and truly was one of the funniest things on the feeds EVER. BB did a nice job on adding the sound effects that really drove home how often the guys were drinking. The one thing you can’t see as clearly in the editing there is how the guys were totally cracking up during the whole thing. There was a point where both Mike and Zach would put down their glasses to just pick them back up immediately and Dustin pretty much lost it. And, yet, Jen remained completely oblivious to the whole thing.

As for Dick confronting Jen, it actually happened earlier on Thursday so right before she won HOH. Don’t get me wrong, he didn’t suddenly change his tune after she won but the fact that he had no desire to see her HOH room made a lot more sense when you knew the confrontation had happened less than 8 hours earlier and Dick knew damn well Jen wasn’t going to be fooled by him pretending to be happy for her. That said, I was glad to see what led to the confrontation in the first place. I had turned on my feeds just as he went off on her and never understood exactly what happened. I probably would have been just as pissed if not as verbally abusive as Dick. I’m glad Jen got HOH as she is too self-centered to be led by anyone else in the house and, therefore, managed to stir things up. However, I’ll be just as glad to see her ass walking out that front door when they kick her to the curb in the next few weeks.

The food comp was sorta fun. Editing totally hid Eric’s freak out afterwards because he felt the red team was mad at him for making them lose. I can’t tell what’s strategy with Eric and what’s just him being an annoying fuck. (Sorry, America, if you’re not watching the feeds you don’t know just how annoying your “player” is…) Still, it was nice to finally see what everyone had been talking about regarding the pies and weird ingredients. I do hope BB goes back to showing the food comps on the feeds but I can see how maybe the guests ended up needing too much coaching for this one.

Then we got to find out Eric had to try and get Jen to nominate Jessica. I do like that he only gets the money for this task if Jen actually nominates her. It explains why he pushed so hard. We didn’t get to see it that much on the show but it was obvious from the feeds that Jessica had won the poll. Eric had no other reason (and, indeed, it kind of works against him since he has established a little joking relationship with her) to want her up on the block and he kept bringing her up over and over again.

Which leads us to nominations… I’m not surprised by who Jen nominated but I am flabbergasted that Jen actually thinks anyone bought her bullshit about negativity in the house and actually tried to sell the audience on the idea that her nominees would learn something from what she had to say and it would MAKE THEIR LIVES BETTER. The girl is smoking crack. Hell, the houseguests would probably respect her more if she was just honest. It’s not like they don’t all know the real reasons behind her nominations anyway.

Tuesday’s show should be fun… we’ll have the veto comp and, if we’re lucky, footage of the Strongman Competition the guys had yesterday. Funny stuff!

Aw, I love my show. I was actually a little let down by this episode overall but that doesn’t mean it didn’t have some gems buried in it that I loved. Gus’ defense of why his show wasn’t a knock-off of AI was great as was his fear of getting spoiled. OMG, I’m so Gus! Then Shawn saying they were getting rid of the TiVo since he wasn’t allowed to fast forward through the commercials had me in tears. (Yeah, yeah, I’m an easy laugh.)

Anyway, as I was saying, they went a little overboard on the AI parody stuff. Maybe if I was an AI fan I would have been more amused? I did like that Shawn’s first guess at who did it was right. Heh. And that Lassiter totally called it in the police station too. See, our boys should just trust their first instincts!

Either way, I’m thrilled to have my show back and I can’t wait for next week’s all new episode!

The Next Food Network Star
I really loved the three tasks this week. They did a job at showing us both the cooking skills along with the presentation skills of the contestants. I liked seeing them have to do actual “live” tasks rather than the made up on-air tasks they’ve had in the past two episodes. This was a better way to judge how well they handle themselves. Which is why I was stunned that Jag was chosen over Amy because what the hell?! Amy did a great job on both the radio show and Rachel Ray’s show so how did Jag manage to beat her out?

Good thing Jag is a big fat lying liar*, huh? Because as much as I hated her weeping earlier in the show, Amy definitely deserved to be on eof the final two. I admit it, I voted for her. I think Rory has a big personality but I never really felt like Rory had a real strong theme. Much like her cooking, she was not always consistent. And, while Amy did change her mind about what she wanted her theme to be, she really embraced the theme she picked once she had made up her mind. And, uh, in some ways I think Amy’s presence in the kitchen better fits what I want in a cook whereas Rory is a little too much for me.

Plus, on a completely shallow note, I kept getting fixated on Rory’s teeth. I feel horrible saying that but she’s the one that wants to be on TV and have her photo splashed everywhere. When that’s what you want, your looks and prominent facial features are totally valid factors up for consideration.

Ok, now that y’all think I’m a complete douche, I’ll encourage you to go vote for your favorite. You have until tomorrow to vote! Then tune in next Sunday to find out who will be your next Food Network star!

* For the record, the judges were a hell of a lot nicer to him than I would have been. I don’t know how in the world he thought he could lie about those things on national TV but he’s an idiot and I feel bad for all of the contestants who got booted along the way because the judges were keeping Jag around for his personality.

Before I switched over to watch the new series premiering on Lifetime, I watched Challenge: Extreme Cakes. Holy, freaking, cow! The cakes were pretty cool. I’m not into cakes that are made almost 99.9% of non-edible items but it’s still amazing what people manage to pull together. Plus, it was perfectly timed because now I’m all excited for the season three premiere of Ace of Cakes this Thursday.

Now for some short and sweet reviews of the new Lifetime shows:

Side Order of Life – I liked it a lot. It’s not as funny as I was hoping for but it was sweet and it made me cry. Sigh. I’m adding a season pass for this one.

State of Mind – Now, see, this one made me laugh more than Side Order of Life but I dunno if I’m going to stick with it or not. I do like Lili Taylor and, in fact, if I hadn’t just seen Mystic Pizza on TV this weekend, this show would have left me wanting to watch it. I guess I need to give it a few more episodes to see where the story goes from here.

Army Wives – Ok, ok, this one didn’t start this week and I’ve been talking it up since it began but I wanted to sneak it in since I haven’t talked about it lately. I really do love this show. I got a little annoyed by a simple detail this week but I suppose there are ways to handwave why two families have managed to get stationed at the same base for 8 years. That is not the norm in the Army so that kinda bugged me but other than that it continues to delight.

As for tonight, I recommend The Closer and Age of Love. The latter is back to amusing me this week. I think all of the women still left on the show ended up going on a date with him in this episode. One date included three women and another included two while one woman got him all to herself. And this week? He’s only eliminating one woman… will it be one of the 40s or one of the 20s? Tune into NBC @ 9PM to find out!

5 Responses to “I get to go home with dignity.”

  1. 1
    swsa says:

    My jaw dropped at Jen’s speech. Just so unaware, self-obsessed, arrogant. Because if Daniele’s making the house unpleasant for her, clearly the rest of the house must hate her as well. And it was so unneccessary. All she had to say was that they were an obvious pair that needed to be broken up. Still a lie on her part because we know she nommed them because Dick is mean and Nick likes Dani more than her, but still closer to the truth.

    I’m so glad someone else finds Eric annoying. After his week-long rant on what a bitch Daniele was, he lost me. All because she got annoyed by him continually asking about her weight. I can see being pissed that she snapped at him, but he seriously went on for HOURS at a time for DAYS, even though she apologized to him.

  2. 2
    smithereen says:

    Aw, I love my show. I was actually a little let down by this episode overall but that doesn’t mean it didn’t have some gems buried in it that I loved.

    It wasn’t my favorite episode ever, but I thought it was good one. It had quite a few laugh out loud moments for me and not too many clunkers (which is my main criteria for a good Psych episode). And seriously? That final performance of their duet? SO FANTASTICALLY BEYOND AWESOME that it totally pushed the whole episode into my list of top tier episodes. Loved that so much.

  3. 3
    keyser7soze says:
    So, while I was cleaning or bumming around the house this weekend, I had the live feeds on in the background instead of being glued to the computer screen. I LOVE IT.

    Oh, nice! Is there any way you could explain how?

    Eric bugs me too. What an annoying spaz.

  4. 4
    harper47 says:

    I really liked Side Order of Life. I watched it kind of the last minute and it was so charming. Unexpected, sweet and I adore all the characters. How did that happen?

    Also I have succumbed to the Psych love. I watched it Friday night and adored it. I am a sucker for a great parody and that was terrific. I have season 2 on my rental quene.

  5. 5
    shaibitch says:

    I really enjoyed Live Free or Die Hard, easily my only complaint with it was the dubbing.