It’s easy as 1 2 3…   

Today’s 12 of 12 and all of my pictures for the day so far are incredibly boring! So, in other words, this month won’t be much different than the last.

Heh. I just realized that all the shows I watched last night were reality shows too! Maybe Friday can be my non-reality commentary day? Because I really have watched a few scripted shows this week, I promise.

So You Think You Can Dance
This show gets harder once you get down to just seven couples. There aren’t three couples I think deserve to be dancing for their lives tonight but I know that’s the way it works. I guess it is fair because it gives someone who might not have had a good couples night, a chance to save themselves with their individual dance. I really hope tonight’s individual dances are better than what we’ve been seeing so far. Theoretically everyone should be prepared to dance for his/her life since there’s really no way to be “sure” that you aren’t going to land in the bottom three with their current odds. Right?

Can I complain for a second? I hate that FOX has no way for viewers to rewatch the dances online. Makes it hard to really do each of the dancers justice in a blog entry! (Yes, that complaint really was all about *me*.) I am pretty sure it’s all about licensing rights for the songs used so I get why they don’t do it (and why they’re pretty quick to squash YouTube postings of the show) but it’s frustrating. (Yes, I do know where I can find them but all I am saying is that I’d prefer to be doing at Fox’s site.)

Ok, moving on. So, keeping in mind that I really only disliked two dances last night, here are my top three, middle of the road, and bottom three:

  1. Neil/Lauren

  2. Sara/Pasha
  3. Lacey/Kameron
  4. Sabra/Dominic
  5. Danny/Anya
  6. Jamie/Hok
  7. Shauna/Cedric

I had a hard time with Lacey/Kameron and Sabra/Dominic. I originally had them flipped but I really didn’t like how there were (what seemed like LONG) parts of Sabra/Dominic’s dance where they didn’t do any actual dancing and Lacey/Kameron suffered from being first and me not really remembering them by the end of the night (an indication that they definitely deserve to be at the very top of the pile).

I don’t have nearly the issue with Danny/Anya that others do and I do see a chemistry there. However, I was glad Adam said what he said because it is something I’ve seen in multiple places all over the Internet. So, really, he can’t be all wrong… meaning I don’t think Danny is actually as arrogant as everyone thinks but I do think it’s obvious he is coming off that way and he’s got to do something to fix it.

Hmm, what else? I didn’t get what people liked about Shauna and Cedric’s dance. Or, rather, I guess I can see the technical stuff that people liked but I actually don’t see any chemistry between the two and there were parts where they really slowed down in the middle of the dance. I dunno, I just felt like they weren’t really comfortable with each other during the whole dance and that stopped me from enjoying it.

Jamie annoys the living hell out of me. However, Lauren also annoys the living hell out of me so I am not letting my personal dislike for one partner determine how I rank the couples. I just thought their dance was lacking. I love that song and Jamie’s dress was beautiful… but Hok basically did nothing more than prop her up. Eh, I dunno. I like the classical stuff so I wanted to like it and I just didn’t.

Of my two top picks, I placed Neil and Lauren above Sara and Pasha because I felt like there was a little bit of a disconnection between the latter couple. This is their first week together, though, so it may just be that they aren’t quite as adjusted to each other yet. However, the dance itself was just so powerful that I couldn’t help but be blown away. My favorite part of their dance? The stuff on the stairs at the beginning. I dunno why but I’ve rewatched it several times this morning. Something about it just gets to me.

As for Neil and Lauren, I just loved everything about their dance. I wasn’t sure I was going to because I just can’t see Neil as the sauve gentlemen the character called for but I think not really seeing Lauren as the innocent girl helped cancel that out. In the end, I just loved the story there and it Neil totally sold me on the comic book/cartoon villian character he was playing. They both did great at dancing but also remembering to be paying attention to the role they were playing. It looked like they really got into the whole thing and were having fun. That, in return, made it easy for me to find it fun to watch.

Of course, in the end, it doesn’t really matter what I think because I don’t ever vote. So tonight we’ll see who America put in the bottom three and who can save themselves. While we wait for tonight’s show, this parody of Kameron and Lacey’s contemporary dance from last month cracks me up:

Don’t Forget the Lyrics
Deja vu! Haha. Trust FOX to come up with the same idea as NBC but do it better. Oh, ouch. I really shouldn’t say that because I don’t really know if it’s better so much as flashier and therefore a little more engaging. There are some big differences between The Singing Bee and Don’t Forget the Lyrics!. The first is that DFTL is more like How To Be A Millionaire in… well, every way. They pre-select their contestants and each contestant gets three “backup” options. They can bring friends along with them, get two words for free, and see three options (one of which is the correct lyric). Once they use a backup, it’s gone for the rest of the game.

Plus, this show does the pyramid thing. You work your way up from $2500 to $1 mil. Once you get $25,000, you’re definitely walking home with that much, etc. Now, the one thing I really liked about their set up is that you actually get to pick your categories (of which they have 9) so, you know, you can use the categories you aren’t as confident about at the beginning when things are easier and work your way up to songs you know well for the big money.

However, I kind of liked how quickly things moved over on The Singing Bee. It is definitely more of a competition type of show with the contestants trying to beat other contestants. They definitely covered more songs in a half hour than DFTL. If I were comparing the two, I’d say The Singing Bee is more your traditional type of game show like say The Price is Right where as Don’t Forget the Lyrics! is made in the style of more recent game shows like Millionaire. Neither are bad, they just appeal to different types of audiences. The problem is going to be that NBC wants the audience FOX is gonna get and not the audience they made their show for. Should be interesting to see which of these survives the summer.

As for the show itself, I liked it but the contestant was getting on my nerves a little so I can see how I would turn it off if I didn’t like the contestant of the night. Since these contestants really are singing by themselves (it is much more like karoake than NBC’s version), I’m guessing the casting folks have tried to find people who won’t be making the viewers mute their televisions. This girl wasn’t too bad even though she couldn’t sing but I can picture how easy it could be to get the wrong person and suddenly it’d be cringe-worthy. Like I said, I enjoyed Wayne and his way of joking around/drawing out the best in the contestant.

And, I’ll admit it, I liked the camera work and the set. It was all so much more vibrant than The Singing Bee that I had force myself to really examine the differences in how they work instead of just the superficial before saying which I liked more. I think DFTL edges TSB out by just a smidge but I really do like how TSB moved from song to song at a much faster pace. For the people who are only watching to see if they can remember the lyrics correctly, TSB is going to give them more songs for their half hour than DFTL. However, DFTL is the one that I now want to watch again tonight because I need to know if the girl who wants to buy the biggest ant farm possible can make it all the way to $1 mil.

Top Chef
I have to say the editors did a good job in hiding who was going home here. Did we even really see her throughout the episode? I literally had to rewind to figure out whose name the judges said because I couldn’t remember who she was!! That’s bad but also a sign that she hasn’t done anything to really stand out.

So my favorite remains Tre and, if nothing else, his quickfires continue to stand out. Actually, I think they liked his dish this time as well but his group overall wasn’t the best so he ended up in the middle of the pack yet again. Still, if that means he gets to stay and impress the judges at the end, I’ll be happpy.

Uh… I have nothing to say! This really was a good episode and an example of why I love this show and can’t understand why people even watch Hell’s Kitchen but that means there really wasn’t much drama so I don’t have a lot to talk about. It’s all about the actual cooking and I love it. I guess I can talk about the team stuff… I liked how they initially picked teams. It was a fair way to do it. Of course then they ruined it by re-sorting themselves. I don’t know why they didn’t just start out by picking the people they wanted to be with but whatever. If anything, not just accepting the teams as they were and working together to come up with a consensus on what to make is exactly what led to the disasters that happened. I doubt they learned their lesson, though.

Howie remains one of my least favorite chefs and the fact that he can’t understand the very concept of the show he’s on – that you WILL have to work in teams with people you want eliminated – made me hope he’d be the one sent home. Then there’s Hung who definitely can cook but whose attitude I can’t stand. Watch me be wrong but, while I think he may very well end up in the final four, I just can’t see him winning because of his inability to take criticism. When he admitted that he made that comment during the quickfire because he felt like the judge was wrong and he was right? Yeah, he’s just going to get worse as he ends up at the judges table more often.

Next week… it looks like Hung’s tendancy to run around the kitchen like a chicken with his head cut off is going to annoy more than just me and possibly lead to some drama. I can’t wait!

On my schedule for tonight: Big Brother 8: LIVE Eviction Night, Don’t Forget the Lyrics!, So You Think You Can Dance, and Burn Notice

12 Responses to “It’s easy as 1 2 3…”

  1. 1
    westcoastlovin says:

    I want to be on DFTL SO BADLY! I would rock at that so hard.

    Haven’t seen SYTYCD yet, so I skipped that. Hopefully tonight!

  2. 2
    harper47 says:

    I only caught the beginning of Don’t Forget the Lyrics (because I was power voting and it really takes it out of me – hee!) but I tend to agree that it looks more professional and enjoyable than the Singing Bee.

    I love Top Chef. I tried Hell’s Kitchen this year and I don’t enjoy it at all. At this point I want to see if Julia can pull out a win but I do not plan to watch it again.

    And yes, TC did pull the loser from a “who the hell is she?” pile. I did pick her though because I think they might have been subtly influenced by the fact that she has never won anything, everyone else back there has been noticable in the competition and her dish really did look sucky.

    I’m not sure who I think will win at this point. I think Hung and Tre will be there towards the end but I’m not able to tell what girl might be there at this point.

    As for dance – well if you read my post you know I can’t stand Lauren and Neil’s dance but other than that we are pretty much in agreement. Although I did not like Sabra and Dominic’s dance.

    Unlike you, I’m really not able to separate my loathing of a character from their dancing at this point. I’ve seen 4 weeks of dance so the fact that Lauren has not done ONE SINGLE THING that was impressive or good means she needs to be off my television screen.

  3. 3
    eolivet says:

    I love this show and can’t understand why people even watch Hell’s Kitchen

    I watch and love both, but for different reasons. I don’t know anybody who watches HK for the cooking — I watch it for Gordon Ramsay putting reality show contestants in their place. Reality show contestants do so much whining (on all shows) that there’s a little schadenfreude in seeing them get smacked down. And Chef Ramsay is just a dynamic personality (IMHO) — so entertaining. HK isn’t a cooking show — it’s a telenovela about a cooking competition (complete with melodramatic narration and suspense-filled cuts to commercial! Oh, and copious swearing. :p )

    As for “Top Chef,” I’m not surprised Camille got sent home, although the editors usually do a better job of featuring the bootee before he/she goes. Maybe Camille really was that quiet. ;p

    Howie’s been in the bottom three three times (more times than anyone else)? I do like him, but it’s a miracle he’s still here. :x

  4. 4
    schnappycat says:

    Ugh, I hated Don’t Forget the Lyrics. It tried too hard to be Millionaire and just got boring quickly. Plus, I hated the girl last night and wanted her to go away. I loved Singing Bee because of the fast pace, variety of people, backup singers doing some of the work, and just fun nature overall. It was just fun where I thought DFtL was too serious. *shrugs* Either way, I don’t think I’ll make SB appointment TV, but watch it if I’m flipping through.

  5. 5
    raelee says:

    I understand but all the things you listed are exactly the things tha twill determine who watches which show. Those who hated The Singing Bee may very well love DFTL for the same reasons you hated it.

    I agree that DFTL is taking itself way too seriously. I know Wayne had to explain how it works at the beginning but I have a feeling we’re going to have to sit through that each time and I rolled my eyes the whole time so imagine how quickly it’ll grate on my nerves!

    I don’t think I’ll make either appointment TV. But, as with most game shows, I may occasionally watch when I have nothing else on.

  6. 6
    raelee says:

    So apply! What have ya got to lose?!

  7. 7
    westcoastlovin says:

    My dignity. But I totally am considering it.

  8. 8
    raelee says:

    Hey, I didn’t say it looked more enjoyable! ;) No, seriously, I think it is just more engaging look-wise. It’s bright colors and zippy camera work. Basically it looks like a FOX produced reality show and they’ve made a splash in that arena so it’s obvious people like that style and look.

    I know that people like HK for the drama and yelling but I just can’t stand that stuff and I often end up changing the channel of reality shows I like during the judging so I can’t imagine watching a show soley for that kind of stuff.

    Yeah, I think it’s hard to pick who will really be there. Now that we’re cutting down the numbers and getting into the group competitions, we’ll get a little more of a feel for each of them I think.

    Haha, I did read your dance toughts. I understand your points about Sabra and Dominic’s dance but I still thought the chemistry there made it work… at least moreso than the ones I put in the bottom three.

    I will say that I didn’t watch the audition shows and I really don’t pay attention to most of the interview stuff. I watched LIVE this week but usually I wait until I have enough time built up that I can fast forward right to the dances and the judges opinions. So I haven’t developed any personal feelings about most of the people. My dislike for Jamie is her grating voice and immature behavior and this week Lauren’s reaction to the judges was driving me nuts but that’s as far as my personal feelings about them go.

  9. 9
    raelee says:

    It was kind of a rhetorical because I really do understand why people like HK. But I really don’t like confrontational scenes or people being embarrassed on TV (like, really, I often fast-forward through the judges stuff on reality shows I like for the same reason) so I can’t imagine wanting to watch a show just those reasons. But I know that’s a me thing so I do get why others enjoy it. :)

    I suspect Camille really was that quiet and the others are so NOT that quiet that you have to feature them even when they aren’t gonna go home. Although, all the ones they featured did end up either at the top or bottom so there were reasons to show them all.

    I suspect Howie won’t be around too much longer. He can cook but it’s his attitude that will get him kicked to the curb. Same goes for Joey – especially if he keeps bitching about Tom criticizing him.

  10. 10
    spectralbovine says:

    I would watch it if you were on it! And were wearing something saucy.

  11. 11
    miniglik says:

    I watched my first SYTYCD last night! Woo! (But then forgot to watch it tonight. Oops.)

    I can’t really tell them all apart, except a few:

    Lacey/Kameron – Meh. I thought I’d be more impressed, coming into the show.
    Neil/Lauren – Great. Although I hear that choreographer’s routines are always excellent?
    Danny/Anya & Jamie/Hok – Neither nearly as good as the others.

    And the other ones I just can’t remember which is which? Who did the hip hop dance? It didn’t seem as good to me as the judges were selling it.

    Also, that youtube is awesome, even from someone like me, who hasn’t seen the routine.

  12. 12
    schnappycat says:

    Yeah, I think I was mostly turned off when Wayne launched into an endless spiel about how it works. It’s like that episode of Friends when Joey was auditioning to be the game show host and the game was so complicated. Hee. (although this one is just like Millionaire) I guess I’m a simpler girl. ;)