I love my photo, by the way.   

My last two posts have been about Big Brother! And that’s not going to change with this one… I promise I’m going to talk about something else soon. I saw a screening of Pushing Daisies and Carpoolers on Friday and I can’t wait to give my thoughts on both. Plus I have some book reviews and info that I need to get posted so I’m going to post about tonight’s BB and focus on those things tomorrow.

I hate it when I haven’t been watching the feeds so I have no idea how the editing is skewing things. Like, for instance, I know that Eric is actually getting on everyone’s nerves but naturally BB editors/producers don’t want America to realize that since he’s “our” player. Then there’s Dick. The live feed watchers I know haven’t noticed him dropping names all that much. (And, if you watch closely, those name dropping scenes were basically two scenes cut together.)

Anyway. Tonight’s show… what the hell is up with Jen?! And Amber, for that matter. Those two and their crying is going to get old REAL FAST. First of all, who the hell cries and cries and cries over a picture? If that was real, and I have serious doubts about that, Jen has serious mental problems. Of course, that’s not all that surprising since that seems to be the real ongoing theme in the BB house. I don’t know how these HG ever pass the psych tests.

As for Amber… her story would be a lot more heartwarming if she didn’t tell it while balling. It’s a TV show. I get that you want to be able to give your mom lots of money but going on a TV show hoping to get it isn’t exactly the most realistic way of going about it. Also, why the hell should being a mother protect you from nomination? Like was there a convo about their kids that I missed between Amber and Kail? That’s the only way I could understand Amber thinking she wouldn’t be nominated for that reason.

I’m still unsure what to think about Daniele and Dick. I think I got a little less uncomfortable with it as soon as Daniele admitted that she didn’t even really remember why they weren’t speaking. I don’t know if that’s the truth but, if it is, then I don’t think it’s quite as traumatic to be reunited with him. I can see why she gets annoyed by him but I also feel bad for Dick because it just feels like he really wants to be a part of her life. It was nice to see him, in the Diary Room, talking about how he wouldn’t be able to use or lie to his daughter. Let’s see how that plays out. (It should be noted, my opinion about Dick is sure to change as soon as I have to watch him on the live feeds. I’ve heard enough to know he’s going to annoy me so I’m sure my view of him will be changing as that happens.) Anyway, right now it looks like they’re working together a bit so it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

Then there’s Joe and Dustin… I don’t even know what to say there. They continue to amuse me but I like Dustin more than Joe. Err, or maybe it’s just when we see them together that I prefer Dustin? Because Joe was cracking me up in his Diary Room sessions. I think he’s sorta right that he doesn’t get to be the fun Joe because Dustin is there. However, it amused me that he was all, “I want this to be about me and it can’t be with you here.” And, yet, I don’t see Dustin making it an issue at all… Joe’s the one who keeps bringing up their history. As much as I would never talking about having an STD on national television, I gotta admit it’s pretty damn funny to watch it. Dustin having to point out that he never had it just makes me laugh EVERY TIME.

Hmm, what else? The food competition was ok. Too many people right now to really keep track of what was going on. The reaction to the slop was amusing even if I hate the stupid slop thing. That was one thing from last year that I was hoping they’d get rid of… I much prefered PB&J.

And then there were the nominations… as a live feed watcher, I’ve known who was nominated for days so it’s not about finding out who is nominated so much as finding out why. I was kind of hoping Jen would be up on the block because she was seriously annoying me tonight but Amber being there is good enough. I think Kail came up with a good way to pick her nominations given her new alliance. Plus, her reasons were ones you can’t really argue with, as even Carol noted. Since I don’t have a favorite yet, I don’t really care who goes this time… well maybe I do. I’d rather Carol stay and Jessica or Jen go but being nominated doesn’t guarantee you are going anywhere.

I guess that just leaves the America’s Player thing. So incredibly lame. Two thumbs down on this “twist” so far, CBS. Having Eric make up a fake sob story is lame enough as it is but us only getting to pick WHO he tells? Stupid. It’d be better to let us pick what story he makes up… because that would make it more challenging for Eric. Having to only tell the person we pick at this point won’t affect anything. There are too many people in the house for it to do anything. Oh well, hopefully this’ll get better.

TV shows I’m looking forward to this week: Age of Love (NBC/Mon), Big Brother 8 (CBS/Tue. Thu, & Sun), Eureka (Sci-Fi/Tues), So You Think You Can Dance (FOX/Wed & Thu), Traveler (ABC/Wed), Top Chef (BRAVO/Wed), Burn Notice (USA/Thu), Psych (USA/Fri), Monk (USA/Fri), Side Order of Life (Lifetime/Sun), and State of Mind (Lifetime/Sun)

2 Responses to “I love my photo, by the way.”

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    sometimescrazy says:

    Glad the night went well. Can’t wait to hear about Pushing Daisies. :)

  2. 2
    sinca says:

    Jen’s insane reaction to her photo just cracked me up. I mean, all those tears, REALLY? No. She really cannot leave fast enough for me.

    From watching Carol’s meltdown on the feeds in response to her nomination, I want her evicted before Amber. Sure, Amber plays her, “I’m a mom!” card way too often, but I can’t stand players who turn on the whole BB experience the second they get nominated.

    I’m with you, I prefer Dustin but Joe is really entertaining in his DR’s. I am so hooked this year already, this is the most interested I’ve been in a while.