You know spies… bunch of bitchy little girls.   

Busy day. Busy weekend, for that matter. I don’t remember what shows I’ve watched much less which I’ve actually talked about. So, I’m gonna talk about the two new shows that managed to hook me last week and what’s on tonight.

Burn Notice
USA knows how to make me laugh. I loved this one. Plus, it has Bruce Campbell! Why did I not know this before? That would have guaranteed I watch. I love me some Bruce.

Anyone know if they’re really filming in Miami? I mean, it’s obvious they definitely filmed pieces of this there but I am curious if they’re filming the whole thing there or if they just got footage they can use later. I like it when shows accurately represent Florida.

Ok, ok, on with the actual review. I don’t know how to capture what I loved. The snark? The sarcasm? Maybe I’m just a sucker for shows about spies. Especially when it’s a spy who is stuck on the outside and trying to figure out why.

Then there’s the fun name cards and funky camera work. I think it adds to the fun. It’s stuff that would bug me on other shows but in a show like this it just ends up making the show just as flashy as the spies in it.

USA’s motto is, “Characters welcome.” It’s something their shows do best, creating characters who are quirky and interesting and multi-dimensional. I love Michael and his dry snark. And the scenes with his mother? HAHA. It makes me want to see an USA commercial featuring Michael, his mother, Shawn, and his father. I can totally see it. Where can I get a job working for USA and writing those commercials?

I hope we get to see more of all of the secondary characters too. I’m kinda in love with them all including the drug dealer, Sugar, Michael “evicted” out of the apartment below him. Since he didn’t seem too bright, I’m sure he’ll be back to get revenge.

Well, this review sucks at telling you what I loved about this show but that’s about par for the course. It’s a fun, quirky show with a hot lead. If you’re a fan of other USA shows, I think you should definitely check it out. And, if you just need a new summer show, then it’s worth giving a try.

The Best Years
I was interested by the description of this show but I wasn’t too sure based on the clips online. Then I watched and I love it. See, I’m not really over my teen/college movie/show addiction. I’m just over shows that try too hard. *cough*Hidden Palms*cough*

First of all, I can’t believe they killed the roommate!! What the hell?! I knew something was up because he wasn’t in any of those cast photos I had gotten but I really wasn’t expecting him to DIE. Holy crap. What a way to start college. It did kind of fit in with Sam’s life, though.

Speaking of Sam’s life, who do you think the scholarship lady is going to turn out to be? My guess is that she had something to do with the death of Sam’s parents. I don’t really want her to turn out to be related to Sam but that’s definitely a possibility too. It was the fact that she didn’t want to stand there and talk to Sam that made me think it was more about guilt than anything else.

I knew that Sam and her roommate weren’t getting along based on a clip I watched online so I knew something was going to happen to change things. Of course, it’s going to be messy given how influential her father is… poor Sam, even when she gets such an amazing opportunity it can’t go smoothly!

I liked the actor girl. She seemed a little snotty at first but she won me over in the bathroom with Sam. I don’t really like the bartender much, possibly because he seems way too old to be a college student. Still, I haven’t seen much of him so we’ll see if my opinion changes later.

I like Sam’s love interest but I am eager to meet his new roommate this week as he’s more my type. I’m guessing things won’t go smoothly for them (the love interest, not the new roommate). I didn’t quite get why he wouldn’t go talk to her at the end there unless it was just supposed to be that Sam was disappointed in him. I didn’t really see much chemistry there but I’ll give it time to develop. He’s a bit weak-kneed for me but, again, maybe I just haven’t seen enough.

Ok, I’ll stop now. Suffice to say, I enjoyed it. The acting was much better than I was expecting and now I want to see what happens next.

Age of Love
They’re repeating last week’s episode before the new one this week and, again, I have to tell you how much this show is amusing me. I got a sneak peek at the new episode airing tonight and, yet again, they manage to make me laugh. The thing is… this show really isn’t about dating as much as it’s about how two sets of women go about competing against each other. There’s no way Mark is really getting to know any of these women and, in a way, that’s what’s saving me because I don’t have to think about it as a dating show. It’s no secret that I like watching how people interact with each other and that’s what we’re getting here.

So, anyway, on tonight’s episode Mark picks one woman from each group to take on an individual date. Only they both think they’re getting him to themselves. Watch to see which of them gets him to herself for dessert. Then the two groups get to design a group date for each other. You can’t miss what they pick for each other. By the end of the episode, Mark sends one woman from each group home and we all hate Mary the Whiner a little more. Age of Love, tonight, 9PM, NBC

On my schedule for tonight: Age of Love and The Closer

2 Responses to “You know spies… bunch of bitchy little girls.”

  1. 1
    klia says:

    I loved Burn Notice, for all the reasons you said: hot lead with a great sense of humor who snarks and doesn’t take shit; his screwy situation; Bruce Campbell, and the off-kilter, quirky vibe. I can always live without shot after shot of T&A, but I know better than to ask for miracles.

    And, of course, now that I’ve fallen for it, I’m waiting for the shoe to drop. :P

  2. 2
    miniglik says:

    Hmm… I’m going to put Burn Notice on my list of things to watch. Are they replaying it?